Question from EvilSora55

How do I use torches?

I've picked up two torches in the game so far but when i try to see them in my inventory they aren't there how do i use them?

EvilSora55 provided additional details:

found another torch and it disappeared from my inventory again. I can't burn anything at bonefires not even the dolls....I think the game is gliched and i need to restart since things are disappearing from my inventory

Accepted Answer

Raidenzeal answered:

The flame butterflies allow you to light the torches without a bonfire/sconce. Each torch picked up adds 5 minutes to your total torch burning time. The total time is located in your equipment screen.
I hope this helps.
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deathband answered:

walk up to a BonFire or a Standing torch that would be in a place like No-Mans Warf and there you should be able to press X for PS3 (not sure what it would be on the xbox 360) when at a bon fire Press Triangle to toggle the options and you should be able to light the torch that way.
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MayorOfMayhem answered:

There is also an item that lets you light them autonomously, can't remember what it's called.
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deathband answered:

Butterfly fire something around that
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