Question from Drewdarksaber

Where does the Petrified Merchant go?

I freed him and talked to him, but didn't have enough souls to purchase anything and I think he was offended. He's no longer there. Did he go to Mujala, and where in cause I can't find him, or will I never see him again?

Accepted Answer

ThatCannibalGuy answered:

Are you talking about the man (Straid I think is name is) in The Lost Bastille? If you are he should still be at his cell where you unpetrified him. When you warp to Straids Cell bonfire you won't see him at first cause he will be standing right next to the cell door out of sight at first. Be sure to kill the creatures there as to not damage/aggro him. If this is not who your talking about then I may need a bit more details about who your talking about. Hopefully this helps.
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