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Stuck in Kings Castle?

I've made it to the bonfire past the duo Dragon Riders, and I've literally run in circles here for hours. There's literally no where for me to go. The only plausible room for me is the one with 7 stone knights and the giant, but the giant won't come to life and turn the lever after I've killed everyone. Is this some kind of bug? Am I missing something? Is this save bugged?

I've tried restarting my console, fast traveling away and coming back. Nothing.

I've read other questions here discuss how the giant allows you to turn the lever outside the room. Which I'm unable to do.

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Crocogatorz answered:

Okay...I died, respawned at the bonfire, and killed one stone knight in the room before the giant randomly came to life and did what it was supposed to...
This place is bugged up.
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