• Trophies

    There are 21 Bronze Trophies.

    Air IYou jumped 400m.Bronze
    Air IIYou jumped 500m.Bronze
    Amateur DriverYou drove a car for 10s.Bronze
    BarbequeYou grilled 10 cows.Bronze
    BulldozerYou bulldozed 10 buildingsBronze
    Car Collector IWrecked 20 cars.Bronze
    Car Collector IIWrecked 100 cars.Bronze
    Car Collector IIIWrecked 500 cars.Bronze
    ChefYou grilled 30 cowsBronze
    City DominatorYou levelized each city.Bronze
    City EaterYou levelized 1 city.Bronze
    City MuncherYou levelized a city with all stars.Bronze
    Cosmic BulldozerYou destroyed 30 buildings.Bronze
    Drift KingYou drifted with a car 60s.Bronze
    Earth CrusherYou levelized each city with all stars.Bronze
    Expert DriverYou drove a car for 60s.Bronze
    Galactic BulldozerYou destroyed 100 buildingsBronze
    GourmetYou grilled 100 cows.Bronze
    Oily wheelsYou drifted with a car 10s.Bronze
    Professional DriverYou drove a car for 20s.Bronze
    SliderYou drifted with a car 30s.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.