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How do I solve Black Panther's final quest?

I'm working on the final quest for Black Panther, where I have to bring him his cat. The cat isn't very far away at all, but I can't get him to move or react to me at all. What's the deal?

ShotoMan provided additional details:

Note: I found out later that the quest had gone buggy or something. The cat was spawning in the underpass rather than the alley, meaning the event wasn't triggering properly. Shortly after posting the question, I tried again, and it worked correctly.

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moviebuff009 answered:

I did this one. At first you have to beat up all of the villians that are attacking. Then when the cat is back on ground level, he jumps up to a rooftop, you will be able to hit circle to have him follow you. I just kept running back to Black Panther, and even after having to jump over the fence, somehow the cat was still following, and he did stop at one point. i just kept chasing after him and he eventually ran to Black Panther on his own.
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