Question from Xelouskrane

Asked: 8 months ago

How Do I Save Stan Lee In Ded Pool's Room?

I use the Gps and go to dead pool's room but I cant find stan lee how do I save him?

Accepted Answer

From: mookyking 8 months ago

The Stan Lee icon in Deadpool's room can only be gotten after completing the other 49 Stan Lee in peril missions. If you're wandering around NYC to save Stan Lee, they seem to actually go in order, with the last one in the open map being the one above the circus tent. There's a glitch where after doing that one, the icon may still be there. The rest are in the missions, one per mission, which you'll need to play in freeplay mode to get most of them.

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I think that specific Stan Lee in peril is when you have completed all of them.

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