Question from Omega_Hunter2

Where can I find (save game of Resident Evil Revelations)?

please, some one ca post a save game of Resident Evil Revelations U.S. version with hell mode completed ? please


KingVi3 answered:

Why you want to ruin the fun of that?
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Mr_Big_Boss answered:

The game was just released, give it some time and people will eventually get a save file up.

Keep in mind, you can't get trophies with another person's save file.
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Andre_Luiz1969 answered:

I put a savefile here on GameFaqs. You can download it, but for you get the trophies, you need change de user ID with a program.
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ariyana123 answered:

Download Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 Penal Colony Save Game for PC -
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