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Freezing in the same spot?

I had played the game throughout the story mode with no problems at all until Day 8 with Ryu Hayabusa hops in the truck with Mizuki (Canna's mother) as he shoots down the helicopters, the flying guys with guns. In this particular part of the game, before you start shooting down the trucks behind you, RIGHT HERE, my game froze, EVERY SINGLE TIMES I tried again.... the disc's pretty clean, no smears, and no scratches. what can I do? will Tecmo Koei hear my concern? I'm not the only one here that's for sure so..

Profaniter7 provided additional details:

even after turning off the PS3 by force I still encountered this problem!!!.. I can't no longer go further .. I was wondering if this has to do when changing from hero mode to normal mode during the game? because if it wasn't this then I cannot really go any further past specific part of the game..

green_abobo asked for clarification:

Is this the Digital version? Do you have a disk you could try to install & play, through your hard drive?

I wish you luck.


LanceTP answered:

Had the same thing happen to me in the exact same spot of the game your referring to.. its kind of a relief to see I'm not the only one, but at the same time it sucks to hear about this happening to someone else. Sorry I don't really have a solution to your problem, it has only frozen on me once and thankfully once I restarted my system I didn't run into the problem again and was able to complete the story mode. Hopefully word of this problem is heard by Tecmo Koei soon and they release a patch that fixes this instability ASAP!
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Joseraph091 answered:

My game also froze at that exact spot as well so I turned off my ps3, turned it back on, logged off psn and I was able to get toward the end. That's how it worked for me.
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Soren8 answered:

The same thing happened to me in that exact spot. On my second try i turned around and i didn't freeze. idk if that helps
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Profaniter7 answered:

It was interesting because when I had Kusari-gama weapon equipped, it froze on me every time in that specific scene..then I tried changing the weapon, it stopped... I don't know if it works for you guys.. I suggested changing it to Dragon Sword weapon, it should be fine
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lelouched answered:

I had the same thing happen to me I thought the game just had some trouble load so i installed the game on my ps3 and that seem to fixed it.
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