Question from sasugeta24

Asked: 6 months ago

What do you have to do to play exctinction ?

Is exctinction going to be a dlc or do you have to do something please answer asap please ?

Accepted Answer

From: AerLightwing 6 months ago

The way I got it, was to just play through the campaign for a little bit.
Once I did that, went through two or three missions, then came back to the game the next day, Extinction was unlocked.
Hope that helps.^_^

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Submitted Answers


I played about 2 hours of multiplayer, and it unlocked for me.

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To unlock Extinction, either reach level 5 in multiplayer or play so many missions in single player.

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All I did to get it was beat the first campaign mission, so i'm sure that's all you have to do

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