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Paragon leveling?

Sorry for closing that post,i dont really know how this site works,i am knew here so sorry about that..!! anyway,i can you give my stats later on cause at the moment i am at work..!!! :)

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I have a monk i have seen all my skills one by one carefully so that i know what everything does..!!anyway i think that atm i have around 70k dps,i play on normal difficulty (inferno mode)..!!so i think i'll leave it on normal atm..!!maybe i'll try hard on 100k dps..!! thanx for the reply anyway..!! :)


demonichate answered:

btw i screwed up and posted as clarification for the answer soo im gonna copy and paste as my answer

alright no problem. but anywas if your stats are a bit low i would suggest doing Master 1 when you get better gear that it seems like you can breeze through then go ahead to higher MLvls..

my undertsanding is if you have 200k DPS and some good Health ( i think anywhere from 50k+) you should be good. also dont forget to try to get gear with some good All Resist rolls my understanding from PC is 500 or above on resists is something you want.

if you are a monk go ahead and try to stack a certain Resist type due to the passive One With Everything. ( it makes your other resists the same as yoru highest resist ) I.E if you have say 2 poison but have 300 Lightning ( for some reason ) then your poison as well as all other resists will become 300
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shamrock530 answered:

I play my monk on inferno master 3 and i have a 70% resist all on ally my stats, and magic still hurts bad, so u need to get ur vit up as well.
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Crazed_kid answered:

I agree with the first reply, but also, playing on medium and hard gives you no better magic find or experience gain. The best thing to do until you get better gear would be to play on easy with a group of people and find better gear. Straight damage will also only take you so far. You will need to find items that add to critical hit %, and critical hit damage. (Belts, some pants, gloves, bracers, and some helms all add to this if you can find them.) Also if you have higher resists (300 is good enough) you can play through all of inferno on easy mode. It is not as much of a challenge but you will find the good drops in acts 3 and 4. 50k+ health is advised and I wouldn't try master 1 difficulty until about 200+k damage and over 400-500 resists.
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