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Ingredients for the staff of Herding?

I have already got the Black Mushroom, Wirt's Bell and the plans, and I know where to find the other 3 items I am just enquiring about the spawn rates for them as I have spent an age trying to get Leoric's shin bone and I finally accessed the Mysterious Caves to find that the Mysterious Chest with the Liquid Rainbow wasn't in there. So can someone please tell me how often these items appear.

Accepted Answer

Ph0en1xFlam3 answered:

You don't need Leoric's Shin nor the Liquid Rainbow for the console staff. So the drop rates on those are 0.0000% You only need the Black Mushroom, Wirt's Bell and the Gibbering Gemstone to craft it on consoles. Just look at the plans when you teach them to the Blacksmith. Also i have a fully upgraded staff and i didn't need the Shinbone nor the Rainbow.
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