Question from Ph0en1xFlam3

Asked: 11 months ago

Armor sets?

I know they are out there. What i'm wondering is what are they and are there console specific ones? If so where do you farm them (mode, boss etc) I just beat Normal Mode and am fixing to start Nightmare just curious.

Additional details - 11 months ago

Yeah I saw those after I posted this. Looks like a few sets from D2 have made their way into D3. (Tal Rasha's and Immortal Kings) Looks like they are 60 only though. Got a lil ways to go.

Accepted Answer

From: demonichate 11 months ago

well if you look in your Challenges in one of the section is a trophy/challenge that lists 4-6 (?) sets that you can collect. not sure how many others are out there though..

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