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Hunter ship?

What is a hunter ship and where can they be found?

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ik100010 answered:

A Huntership is a BRIG-class ship that appears alone, when your wanted level is 1 or above. (Ranking can range from 0.25-3, one red sword = 1 rank). Your wanted level goes up if: you attack other BRIG-class or above ships.

Ships in ACIV: (in order of power)

Gunboat (small merchant boat), Schooner (caravel-class merchant boat), BRIG (Army-class Melee Boat), Frigate (Army-Class Large Ship), MAN OF WAR (Massive Ship capable of carrying 100 cannons)
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sadmanex answered:

Hunter ship appear when your wanted level increase (full atleast 1)
You should see it at above your hp bar got 2 sword cross icon when you attack some random ship except other pirate ship
When it full atleast 1, hunter ship will appear soon
Also depend on how many icon appear difficulty increase
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