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Where can I find the place in AC4 to change outfits?

I want to change my outfit to Altair's, but I don't know how :[

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raivenflux answered:

Outfits are available to be changed on stores and in the captain's cabin.
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Keeperskid answered:

Any blacksmith or in your ship, oh and I can't figure out how to ask on this so sorry I'll do it here; it said I unlocked Connor, Ezio and altair's outfits but there not appearing anywhere. Can someone plz help. I really want to sea Connor with 4 flintlocks. Sorry for posting this here
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A_Stinky_Flood answered:

Go to the captain's cabin or general store (sells swords, guns and outfits) and equip the outfit. You have to have a save file in Assassin's Creed 1 to have unlocked the outfit, the same with the other assassins and their games :)
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XavierIlius answered:

You can change outfits and weapons in the captains cabin, but you can only access the captains cabin after sequence 3 memory 4
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civrevwarrior answered:

In the captains cabin of your ship, you have to be far enough in the story to do it also. i could be wrong but i think it's sequence 3 memory 4
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