Question from Oktane79

Where is Cayo Island?

I'm hunting down all my items from The Castaways Prize ULC/DLC and can't find anywhere resembling the location on the in-game map with the location given on the physical map (the paper map with the Ubisoft site codes). All the islands between Havana and Salt Key Bay are unenterable/unclimbable. If anyone has the co-ordinates please share them.

RA1STL1N_ asked for clarification:

Cayo island?
Do you mean cat island?


OrokenDuMonger answered:

He's talking about an exclusive island unlocked from pre-order bonuses.

From what I know about the DLC islands you need to do the following
- Register a U-Play account
- Download Patch 1.02
- Progress to Sequence 4
- Find the island in the area indicated
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