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Templar Armor?

I have 4 of the 5 keys for the Templar Armor and I've checked to make sure I did all of the Templar Hunt quests, but I'm still missing one key. Did I miss something or does anybody know the location of the last key?

Accepted Answer

Death_Master911 answered:

You probably missed one Templar Hunt.
Targets and quest givers below
Lucia Marquez - Opia Apito, Cayman Sound
Flint - Rhona Dinsmore, Havana
Kenneth Abraham - Anto, Kingston
Vance & Jing Lang - Vance Travers, Nassau
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AquasVenia answered:

Kidd gives you one in sequence 4. The templar hunt quests are in Havana, Nassau, Kingston, and Cayman Sound
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AquasVenia answered:

Let me correct myself. You get a key at the end of sequence 3 when you assassinate Julien du Casse. Kidd just shows you where to use it in sequence 4.
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