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How do I disarm/kill agile guards?

One of the abstergo challenges is to disarm/kill these enemies whom i believe are the hatless ones. Everytime i disarm them their weapon pops loose but i cant pick it up. How do i complete this challenge?


ODMarco99999 answered:

Select the bare fist then counter an enemy and press x. Then throw the knife a them. Make sure you don't have a knife in you inventory when you do this.
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DocileCraig answered:

I think they miss tell what the objective actually is. You need to disarm the guard, and kill him with his own weapon. (at least this method worked for me) Simple have your fists selected as your main melee weapon, counter, press x ( on playstation A on xbox) to break defence, in doing this you will take their weapon and be able to use it. Be sure to drop the weapon if you are in a large group so you can continue to get credit for doing this.
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LastJagoroth answered:

They carry throwing knives, so unless you have throwing knives selected as your secondary weapon, they will drop it when you disarm them and you won't be able to pick it up.

Make sure you have throwing knives equipped as your secondary weapon, and bare fists as your main. When an agile guard attacks, counter with B, disarm with A, then immediately throw the knife with Y. Sorry for the 360 button names, I'm guessing if the mapping is similar then the PS3 buttons are circle, then x, then triangle?
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