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Where can I find the white whale?

After traversing through the entire map and opening up all of the locations, except for one because that trophy has not unlocked yet. I found the white whale locations but since my whaling boat had insufficient harpoons and armour I did not engage. Now that I have upgraded my armor and harpoons the whales don't show up anymore. I am one mission away from completing the game. Do I need to finish it to reset the whale events? This is actually for the PS4 but I am assuming it is the same for the PS3

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Thanks, I have uncovered all the map I'm hoping they will show up. I just beat the game today and am working on the trophies now. I have a list of coordinates , So I guess the best course of action is to go to them? Or will the whale just show up?

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Thanks to all for your answers, while puttering around on Kingston I believe, I went into the shop to buy more berserk darts and just happened to out of curiosity look and see what else the guy was selling, he had the white whale skins for sale, they were not cheap, I think 20,000 each, I wouldn't recommend this until you have upgraded everything else though. I did receive an email from Ubisoft on this question and they said there was a patch to make this event even more random so there is an option.

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Shadow0no0more answered:

Well, I'm not sure for the PS4 but on the PS3, white whale events are random. I've had full sessions go without a single sighting, and on the other side of the coin, ran into 3 of them within the range of an hour.
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