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Asked: 9 months ago

Where can I find (Ezio Altair and Connors outfit)?

So I turned on ac IV and it said I unlocked altair Ezio and Connor outfits, but how do I use them I checked my boat and stores. Is it like the what the preorder DLC is where you have to search for it. Thanks!

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To ik100010: I've already checked that, maybe it's since the Ubisoft servers were down last night for me... I'll check again later though. Thanks!

Additional details - 9 months ago

Also if anyone knows, I got the pre-order DLC and it told me to search florida ect. But I forgot where all the locations were I searched Florida an got the swords but I want everything else for pre-ordering this. If you wouldn't mind can you also give the coordinates for the location. Thanks!

Additional details - 9 months ago

To Ace: that's not what I'm saying. It already said I have it but I didn't know how to get it because Ubisoft servers were down. But still, thanks for trying to help!

Accepted Answer

From: ik100010 9 months ago

if it says you unlocked it, then on the JACKDRAW, go to the Captain's cabin (below the wheel , near the rear of the ship), and then go to the uniform thats shining, scroll down till you see these outfits and then select to wear them.

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have save data from each of the numbered AC titles on your system

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