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How do I get past the final GT Kart Championship 125 Shifter Race?

I have only a controller and the best placing in this race is 9th, every time I use even the slightest bit too much throttle I end up spinning. What is the best Kart setup to get a win? I have Gold in every other race and event (except the Coffee Breaks, I cannot drift to save myself) including the (to date) Red Bull X Challenges.

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Seems just asking this question was enough to get the in. I set the Power Limiter to 90% and Transmission to max speed 170 and averaging better than 28 seconds per lap I finally won, after 4 days of trying.

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Thanks for the answer krazor8x, I managed to get the win 3 or 4 tries after posting the question and it was by doing as you suggested, (careful when throttling up and waiting until out of corner) Also I watched the replay from inside the winning kart (with all info showing) to see how and when it used throttle.

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I use a g27, but after reading your question i tried it with the dual shock, my suggestion, dont go full throttle mid turn ease on the throttle, and use the l2 as brake, r2 as gas, they give more control over the throttle, took 3 tries, but i got 1st, just be fast but careful, part of the difficulty of the shifter is they can accel and produce wheel spin easier than the 1 gear karts
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