Question from mvg3137

Stuck in the Gotham Royal hotel?

Went back in to get some trophies, and now can't get out. Elevator door in the lobby isn't orange, and door at the top is locked. Am I missing something?

Canuckistanman asked for clarification:

After going back to the Gotham Royal Hotel to collect all the enigma data packs I missed the first time, I cannot get out of the Hotel. I tried going back to the 25th floor several times but nothing works. When I get back down to the lobby area and grapple up to the grated platform with the electric motor and charge it, I don't know what to do after that. If I try to glide away from the glass dome, I just keep getting swept back up in the air. Help!!!!!!


nwanamaker answered:

The door at the top will be locked. You have to systematically work your way back to the beginning. There are a couple glitches and problematic areas, but it is not too hard. If you get to the elevator (the one leading back down to the parking garage) and you cannot get it to activate, pause the game and select reset. You will have to repeat a little bit of the path, but it should resolve any glitches.
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