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Can I still complete 100% ?

I have finished story and new game plus with 81% of The Dark Knight System done. I still have work to do under worst nightmare (5/15) and 1 to go on Shadow Vigilante. Thought I could knock them out in challenge mode. I heard that they only can be done in story mode. Am I out of gas? Do I have to start all over from new game or I am the night to get 100% ?


Dreadjaws answered:

Worst Nightmare challenges can only be completed in Predator rooms. While there are a couple of areas that count as Predator rooms in Gotham (such as the GCPD), there are challenges that can only be done in certain rooms (such as grate takedowns), so yeah, you need to do them in Story mode.

That means I am the Night is your best choice, because for a new game you'd have to do all over again.
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Dreadjaws answered:

Oops, doing a little more research shows that I am the Night doesn't count for the 100%, so it's a no go. Starting a new game is your own choice.
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