Question from CharlesClarke1

How do you dunk effectively in NBA 2K14?

The in-game instructions are not helpful.


darkestmerc answered:

Run towards the net holding the sprint button (R2) and press the square button. Your player will not always dunk, however. It is dependant on both the player stats and the situation.
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Hero_Legacy answered:

First off you need to have a high dunk rating, probably 70 or higher. Your vertical needs to be high too, and in most cases you need a clear lane to the basket.

But I wouldn't even recommend trying to dunk on other people or in traffic, 9 times out of 10 it results in a block. This game made HUGE changes to the way you can effectively drive compared to NBA 2K13, and if you play it's noticeable.
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ghostpok answered:

Run toward the basket pressing the sprint button and move pro stick toward the basket.
Your Player must have high dunk and vertical rating.
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DJElmo1 answered:

High dunk rating and vertical rating helps to dunk good. Also i recomend to get posterizer brings down the chances you will get blocked.
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thesuperhero2 answered:

Press R2 when driving to the basket, then hold together R2 and square to dunk. Some players couldn't dunk and that's because he doesn't have good vertical and dunking ability. Hope this message helped you :-)
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