• Unlock All Non-DLC Costumes, Music, System Voices, Non-DLC Movies, and 100% Completed Story Mode (Last Round Update Only)

    After downloading the latest update for Last Round, go into Options and press L1+L2+R1+R2. You will hear a chime and the game will save. All unlockable costumes, music, system voices, and movies will now be unlocked, and your Story Mode progress will automatically be at 100%. This was added in by Tecmo Koei in response to reports of errors which involved save data from DOA5 Ultimate getting corrupted or deleted while upgrading to Last Round.

    Contributed By: Vulcan422.


  • OMG Breast Motion

    Achieve the "Failure Teaches Success" trophy by seeing 10 characters' losing poses to unlock the OMG breast motion option in the menu.

    Contributed By: Bill Rizer.

  • Unlock DOA2, DOA3 Music

    This can be unlocked free in the Full / Disc version of the game only. For free Core Fighter version, this part requires a paid DLC.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    DOA2 MusicFinish Arcade mode twice
    DOA3 MusicFinish Arcade mode once

    Contributed By: Leifang2000.

  • Unlock Donovan System voice

    To unlock Donovan's voice for use as the system voice, complete Alpha-152's command training

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Donovan's system voiceComplete Alpha-152's command training

    Contributed By: Shin_Akuma76.

  • Unlock Momiji system voice announcer

    Complete command training with Momiji to unlock her as a system voice announcer.

    Contributed By: Blaze gamer.

  • Unlock Own Character and Opponent System Voices.

    Complete Command Training with every available fighter to unlock the ability to have your character or your opponent's character be the announcer during fights.

    Contributed By: Vulcan422.


  • Trophies

    There are 33 Bronze Trophies, 12 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    A Fight to RememberSave a replay.Bronze
    A Fighter is BornComplete all lessons in Tutorial.Silver
    A New Challenger Appears!Played in Combo Challenge.Bronze
    Ahhh, MemoriesView your photos in the Album.Bronze
    Anybody, Anytime, AnywhereSet "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have 10 Throwdowns in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode.Silver
    Arcade (Solo) ClearedClear 1 course in Arcade (solo) mode.Bronze
    Arcade (Tag) ClearedClear all courses in Arcade (tag) mode.Bronze
    Blow 'Em AwaySuccessfully land a Power Blow.Bronze
    Catch and ReleaseTrigger the Special Danger Zone in Sky City Tokyo.Silver
    Change of PowerPress H+P+K during a Power Blow to tag in a partner and deliver a Tag Power Blow.Silver
    Cliffhanger ComebackSuccessfully block an opponent's attack during a Cliffhanger.Bronze
    DOA5 Ultimate Is My LifeFight online 100 times.Gold
    DOA5 Ultimate MasterUnlock all trophies.Platinum
    Down You GoSuccessfully attack during a Cliffhanger.Bronze
    Exercise NewbieComplete all moves for a character in Command Training.Silver
    Failure Teaches SuccessSee 10 characters' losing poses.Silver
    Fighter, Know ThyselfView your results in Fight Record.Bronze
    Fighting EntertainmentHave your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes.Bronze
    Fighting For RealPlay a Ranked match.Bronze
    First Tag TeamFight a tag match.Bronze
    Fledgling FighterFight a Versus (solo) match.Bronze
    Gesundheit!Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show.Silver
    Get out there and Fight!Play a Lobby match.Bronze
    How Do I Fight Like a Pro?Display the Move Details.Bronze
    How Do I Fight?Display the Move List.Bronze
    I Read Every MoveWin without taking any damage.Silver
    My Fight, My RulesCreate your own online lobby.Bronze
    On the Edge of Your SeatPlay Spectator mode.Bronze
    Power in NumbersHave a Team Fight.Bronze
    Rival RampageFight online 10 times.Silver
    Rival RumbleFight online.Bronze
    RivalsRegister a fighter in your Fighter List.Bronze
    Safety FirstTurn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen.Bronze
    Say Cheese!Take a photo in Spectator mode.Bronze
    Survival (Solo) ClearedClear 1 course in Survival (solo) mode.Bronze
    Survival (Tag) ClearedClear all courses in Survival (tag) mode.Bronze
    Tango Kilo NovemberTrigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone.Silver
    The Power of TwoPerform 10 kinds of character-specific tag throws.Silver
    Time Attack (Solo) ClearedClear 1 course in Time Attack (solo) mode.Bronze
    Time Attack (Tag) ClearedClear all courses in Time Attack (tag) mode.Bronze
    Training HardPlay Free Training mode for 1 hour.Silver
    Turn it UpChange the background music settings.Bronze
    Unchallenged ChampionComplete all lessons for a character in Combo Challenge.Gold
    We Have Liftoff!Successfully deliver a Power Launcher.Bronze
    Who's Got Popcorn?Watch a movie.Bronze
    You Asked for It!Set "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have a Throwdown in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode.Bronze
    You're ItFight a Versus (tag) match.Bronze
    Your Education Begins NowPlay in Tutorial.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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