• Mobile Suits

    Here is a complete list on how to unlock the following mobile suits for the original Gundam Story line.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    00 RaiserPlay 10 Times Setsuna
    AbyssPlay 5 Times Auel
    AcguyPerform Burst combo using team Musou 20 times
    AcguyUse Combo Burst Attacks 20 Times
    AegisPlay 10 Times Athrun
    AkatsukiPlay 10 Times Cagalli, Neo
    Alpha AzieruPlay 10 Times Quess Paraya
    AriosPlay 10 Times Allelujah
    BallClear Master the Simulator!
    BallClear Master the simulator
    BansheePlay 10 Times Marida Cruz, Riddhe Marcenas
    BarzamUse Combo Burst Attacks 50 Times
    Baund DocPlay 5 Times Jerid Messa
    BawooPlay 5 Times Glemy Toto
    Big-ZamPlay as Dozel 10 times in big zam
    Big-ZamPlay 10 Times Dozle
    Blaze ZAKU PhantomPlay 5 Times Dearka
    BlitzPlay 5 Times Nicol
    Bolinoak SammahnPlay 5 Times Sarah Zabiarov
    Burning GundamPlay 10 Times Domon, Schwarz
    BusterPlay 5 Times Dearka
    ByalantPlay 5 Times Jerid Messa
    CalamityPlay 5 Times Orga
    ChaosPlay 5 Times Sting
    Char's GelgoogPlay 10 Times Char Aznable
    Char's GelgoogPlay as Char Aznable 10 times in gelgoog
    Char's Z'gokPlay 5 Times Char Aznable
    Char's Zaku IIPlay as Char Aznable 10 times in char's zaku II
    Char's Zaku IIPlay 10 Times Char Aznable
    CherudimPlay 10 Times Lockon
    Dark ArmyUse Combo Burst Attacks 40 Times
    Deathscythe HellPlay 10 Times Duo
    Delta PlusPlay 5 Times Riddhe Marcenas
    DestinyPlay 10 Times Shinn
    DestroyPlay 10 Times Stella, Sting
    Dlc mobile suites availabePurchases at Playstation Store
    DomUse Burst attack 70 times
    DomUse Burst Attacks 70 Times
    DoubleXPlay 10 Times Garrod Ran
    DuelPlay 5 Times Yzak
    EpyonPlay 10 Times Heero, Milliardo
    F91Play 10 Times Seabook Arno, Cecily Fairchild
    ForbiddenPlay 5 Times Shani
    FreedomPlay 10 Times Kira
    GaiaPlay 5 Times Stella
    Gaza CUse Burst Attacks 30 Times
    Gaza DUse Burst Attacks 60 Times
    Geara DogaUse Burst Attacks 140 Times
    Geara Doga (Rezin)Use Combo Burst Attacks 200 Times
    Geara ZuluUse Burst Attacks 160 Times
    Geara Zulu (Angelo)Play 5 Times Angelo Sauper
    Gedlav & EineradUse Burst Attacks 120 Times
    GelgoogUse Burst Attacks 80 Times
    GelgoogUse burst attack 80 times
    Gelgoog (Johnny Ridden)Play Char's Gelgoog 5 times Char
    GinnUse Burst Attacks 50 Times
    GMPerform Burst combo using team Musou 20 times
    GMUse Combo Burst Attacks 20 Times
    GM CommandPerform Burst combo using team Musou 80 times
    GM CommandUse Combo Burst Attacks 80 Times
    GM IIUse Combo Burst Attacks 70 Times
    GottrlatanPlay 5 Times Katejina
    GoufPlay 3 Times in Gouf Ramba Ral
    GoufRamba Ral 3 times in gouf
    Gouf Flight TypeUse Burst Attacks 90 Times
    GP01Play 10 Times Kou Uraki
    GP02Play 10 Times Anavel Gato
    GuncannonPlay as Kai, Hayato, Sleggar in guncannon
    GuncannonPlay 10 Times Kai, Hayato, Sleggar
    GundamPlay 10 Times Amuro
    GundamPlay as Amuro Ray 10 times in Gundam
    Gundam MK II AGUEPlay 10 Times Kamille Bidan, Emma Sheen
    Gundam MK II TitansPlay 10 Times Kamille Bidan
    Gunner ZAKU Warrior (Lunamaria)Play 5 Times Lunamaria
    GyanPlay as M'Quve
    GyanPlay 5 Times M'Quve
    HambrabiPlay 10 Times Yazan Gable
    Heavyarms KaiPlay 10 Times Trowa
    HizackPlay 5 Times Sarah Zabiarov
    HyakushikiPlay 10 Times Quattro Bajeena, Beecha Oleg
    ImpulsePlay 10 Times Shinn, Lunamaria
    Infinite JusticePlay 10 Times Athrun, Lacus
    Jagd Doga GyuneiPlay 5 Times Gyunei Guss
    Jagd Doga QuessPlay 5 Times Quess Paraya
    JeganUse Combo Burst Attacks 100 Times
    JusticePlay 10 Times Athrun
    KapoolUse Burst Attacks 40 Times
    Knight GundamClear True Gundam Dynasty Warrior
    KshatriyaPlay 10 Times Marida Cruz
    LegendPlay 10 Times Rey
    M1 AstrayUse Combo Burst Attacks 180 Times
    MarasaiPlay 5 Times Jerid Messa
    MarasaiPlay 5 Times Sarah Zabiarov
    Mass Produce Bawoo (Glemy)Use Burst Attacks 100 Times
    Mass Produce QubeleyUse Combo Burst Attacks 120 Times
    Mass Produced Bawoo (Axis)Use Combo Burst Attacks 90 Times
    Master GundamPlay 10 Times Master Asia
    Musha GundamClear True Gundam Dynasty Warrior
    Musha Gundam Mk IIClear True Gundam Dynasty Warrior
    NemoUse Burst Attacks 20 Times
    Nu GundamPlay 10 Times Amuro Ray
    Palace AthenePlay 5 Times Reccoa Londe
    ProvidencePlay 10 Times Rau
    Psyco GundamPlay 10 Times Four Murasame
    Psyco Gundam MKIIPlay 10 Times Rosamia Badam, Ple Two
    QubeleyPlay 10 Times Haman Karn
    Qubeley MKII PlePlay 10 Times Elpeo Ple
    Qubeley MKII Ple TwoPlay 10 Times Ple Two
    Quin ManthaPlay 10 Times Ple Two
    RaiderPlay 5 Times Chloto
    RE-GZPlay 5 Times Amuro Ray
    RebornPlay 10 Times Ribbons
    Rick DiasPlay 3 Times Amuro Ray, Quattro Bajeena, Emma Sheen
    SazabiPlay 10 Times Char Aznable
    SeraveePlay 10 Times Tieria
    SinanjuPlay 10 Times Full Frontal
    Slash ZAKU PhantomPlay 5 Times Yzak
    StrikePlay 10 Times Kira, Mu
    Strike DaggerUse Combo Burst Attacks 140 Times
    Strike FreedomPlay 10 Times Kira
    Strike RougePlay 10 Times Cagalli
    SusanowooPlay 10 Times M. Bushido
    Tallgese IIPlay 10 Times Treize
    The OPlay 10 Times Paptimus Scirocco
    Turn-APlay 10 Times Loran
    Turn-XPlay 10 Times Ghim
    UnicornPlay 10 Times Banagher Links
    V2Play 10 Times Uso Ewyn
    WindamUse Combo Burst Attacks 160 Times
    Windam (Neo)Play 5 Times Neo
    Wing ZeroPlay 10 Times Heero
    Z GundamPlay 10 Times Kamille Bidan, Judao Ashta, Roux Louka
    Z'GokPerform Burst combo using team Musou 60 times
    Z'GokUse Combo Burst Attacks 60 Times
    Zaku IIPerform Burst combo using team Musou 10 times
    Zaku IIUse Combo Burst Attacks 10 Times
    Zaku TankPerform Burst attack 10 times
    Zaku TankUse Burst Attacks 10 Times
    ZAKU WarriorUse Burst Attacks 180 Times
    ZeongPlay 5 Times Char Aznable
    ZeongPlay as Char Aznable 5 times in zegong
    ZZ GundamPlay 10 Times Judao Ashta, Roux Louka

    Contributed By: ChangWufei00.


  • Trophies

    There are 18 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Ace PilotClear Ultimate Mode 20 times.Silver
    All Mobile SuitsUnlock and use all playable Mobile Suits.Gold
    All PartnersUnlock and use all selectable partners.Gold
    All PilotsUnlock and use all playable characters.Gold
    Almost-an-ace PilotClear Ultimate Mode 10 times.Bronze
    Card CollectorCollect 60% of cards.Bronze
    Card FanCollect 10% of cards.Bronze
    Card PrideCollect 25% of cards.Bronze
    Character CollectorUnlock the entire Character Gallery.Silver
    Character FanUnlock half of the Character Gallery.Bronze
    Cross of ZeonPlay 100 times total.Bronze
    Final PowerClear "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny" storyline in Official Mode.Bronze
    First ResearchBegin upgrading and combining in the Mobile Suit Lab.Bronze
    Here you go, Banagher!Clear "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" storyline in Official Mode.Bronze
    Last ShootingClear "Mobile Suit Gundam" storyline in Official Mode.Bronze
    Legendary Master AceDestroy over 100,000 enemy units.Silver
    Love is the Pulse of the StarsClear "Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta" storyline in Official Mode.Bronze
    Master AceDestroy over 10,000 enemy units.Bronze
    Mobile Suit / Battleship CollectorUnlock the entire Mobile Suit / Battleship Gallery.Silver
    Mobile Suit / Battleship FanUnlock half of the Mobile Suit / Battleship Gallery.Bronze
    Nebula MedalPlay 200 times total.Silver
    Neverending TomorrowClear "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed" storyline in Official Mode.Bronze
    Nu Gundam Isn't Just For Show!Clear "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" storyline in Official Mode.Bronze
    Official MasterClear all Official Mode storylines.Silver
    Research MasterReach 1,000 upgrades and/or combinations.Silver
    Rookie Card CollectorCollect 40% of cards.Bronze
    Rookie PilotClear Ultimate Mode 5 times.Bronze
    Top Card CollectorCollect 80% of cards.Silver
    Training OverClear the operation "Master the Simulator!"Bronze
    True Card CollectorCollect 100% of cards.Gold
    True Gundam Dynasty WarriorClear the operation "DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM Reborn"Gold
    Ultimate Gundam Dynasty WarriorUnlock all DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM Reborn Trophies.Platinum

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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