• Unlock boss versions of characters

    Beat Arcade Mode on Risky with the character of your choice to unlock that character's boss version (the version seen on the hardest difficulty of Score Attack). Continues are allowed.

    Contributed By: Super Slash.

  • Unlocking Navigators

    Navigators are unlockable by clearing all four Score Attack courses on Risky with your character of choice. Characters that were not navigators in P4A or available for purchase are unlocked this way (e.g, Labrys, Yukiko, Yukari, etc.). Completing this with Shadow Labrys, Sho, Minazuki, Rise or Adachi will not unlock anything however.

    Contributed By: mixedmethods and Leitchy117.

  • Unlocking the True Ending *new*

    Prior to the final battle (both in P3 and P4's side) there will be a dialogue choice you have to make. In order to unlock the true ending, you must go through both of them until you're thrown back to the menu. On P3's side you'll also have to do an extra scene that links to the previous choice you made. Go through until you get to the menu. In order for you to know which scenes you have not completed, pay attention to the "clear!" sign that appears on them. If it's yellow you're missing something, if it's red you're good to go. If all your scenes are Red and you still have not unlocked the ending, then what happened is probably that you went to the menu manually and without going through the story. You have to completely see the scenes that go by your choices. This should unlock the true ending for you. Well done on Reaching out to the Truth!

    Contributed By: RedAlteisein.


  • Trophies

    There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    *There are 7 secret trophies. show

    100 Furious StoriesYou performed 100 Furious Actions in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    30-Minute WorkoutYou Trained for 30 minutes straight!Bronze
    A New Journey (secret)You witnessed the story's True Ending.Gold
    Advanced Fishing ManualYou performed 10 Fatal Counters in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    Arcade MasterYou completed Arcade Mode with three characters.Bronze
    Arcade NoviceYou completed Arcade Mode with one character.Bronze
    Arena DabblerYou completed one Golden Arena course.Bronze
    Arena DominationYou completed three Golden Arena courses!Gold
    Arena ExperienceYou completed two Golden Arena courses!Bronze
    Awakened SP Skill Boosts Made EasyYou used an Awakened SP Skill Boost in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    Baby StepsYou started on the road to knowledge.Bronze
    Battle Hymn of the SoulYou did battle against all the different characters in Network Mode.Bronze
    Brave GladiatorYou raised a character to level 10 in Golden Arena Mode!Bronze
    Cleanup Grand Slam (secret)Hit a home run with the bases loaded, full count and two outs in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    Combination FighterYou completed 150 challenges!Bronze
    Combination MasterYou completed 300 challenges!Silver
    Cram SessionYou studied 20 different Lessons.Bronze
    Daring GladiatorYou raised a character to level 30 in Golden Arena Mode!Silver
    Don't Think, FeelYou completed all of one character's challenges!Silver
    First Victory!You won your first Network match!Bronze
    Fishing for Beginners (secret)Your opponent failed a Reversal Burst in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    Good Job!You achieved a Perfect victory in Arcade or Network Mode!Bronze
    Heroic GladiatorYou raised a character to level 50 in Golden Arena Mode!Gold
    Investigation TeamYou defeated all the Shadow characters playing in Network Mode.Bronze
    Irreplaceable BondYou maxed out a Social Link in Golden Arena Mode!Bronze
    Mashy MashyYou pulled off 100 Auto Combos in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    Midnight RerunYou watched a replay in the Theater. Was it everything you dreamed of?Bronze
    Nice Burst! (secret)Failed a Reversal Burst in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    Not Unlike a BossYou defeated a boss character in Golden Arena Mode!Bronze
    P4AU PlayerYou reached Level 30 in Network Mode.Bronze
    Rock SolidYou completed 100 Network matches.Silver
    Score AttackerYou completed one Score Attack Course.Bronze
    Score MasterYou completed five Score Attack courses!Silver
    Score WarriorYou completed three Score Attack Courses!Bronze
    Shadow Operative (secret)You completed Story Mode from the P3 perspective.Bronze
    The Divine WayYou successfully used each character's Instant Kill move in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    The Manly Way - Fierce FightingYou reached Grade E+.Bronze
    The Manly Way - Mortal CombatYou reached Grade C.Bronze
    The Manly Way BeginnerYou reached Grade F.Bronze
    The P-1 CLIMAX Begins!Welcome to P4AU!Bronze
    The P-1 CLIMAX is over! (secret)You completed Story Mode from the P4 perspective.Bronze
    The Punk's WayYou defeated an opponent without letting them Awaken in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    The True SelfYou fought your own Shadow type in Network Mode!Bronze
    ThoroughYou completed 50 Network matches.Bronze
    Thou Art I (secret)You mastered Persona 4 Arena Ultimax!Platinum
    Tried and TrueYou completed 20 Network matches.Bronze
    Ultimate Suplex HoldYou used the S Hold System 10 times in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    Wildcard MasterYou used all the characters in Network Mode!Bronze
    World Class SP SkillsYou won 30 rounds with SP Skills or Awakened SP Skills in Arcade or Network Mode.Bronze
    You're Not Me!You went on a Shadow Frenzy!Bronze
    You're on My ListYou've registered a Rival in the Player List.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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