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Asked: 4 years ago

Does anyone still play metal gear solid 4 online?

Does anyone still play metal gear solid 4 because the version 1.34 update is taking forever

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From: fq786 2 years ago

No they got rid of the online in the new 2.0 patch that came out in august

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Yeah, its still pretty populated

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Actually as a matter of fact yeah its populated every day even on christmas with at least 2-3 servers filled everyday with 650 players in each server. also the main reason people come to play in MGO, its because of the tournaments and the gear you can get with these tournaments and the famed beret that signifies a high ranked champion of the tournaments. there are some 20 teams in each i think. its like saying your level 18, you win a beret, you lose down to level 10. doesnt matter since you won the beret, people will still respect you because of the beret. the beret has a sign that you can only get in tournaments.

So, to shorten it up, It can be populated for at least another 6-8 years

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I play too, it's hellafun to play even though it's almost half a decade old. xD

psn is Joshuacramer

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Hell yeah. I think more than a thousand- no. More than a million people play it. I do too!

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Watch my youtube channel! Some of my videos are bout playing MGO! (Metal Gear Online.)

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My channel name is EOmaster100.

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