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How do you sideways roll?

I am doing it but it isn't showing up in the stats. I've done it over 200 times but it only shows 2. I am trying to get the frog emblem. I need very specific instructions on how to do it.

NewYorkham provided additional details:

While standing or lying down? Can I get more info?


R351D3NT3V1L4 answered:

Hold L1 and then x then move left or right on the Left Analog Stick.
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Skywolf5775 answered:

You can roll when lying down AND staanding. But you have to just hold L1 then move the Left anolog stick ONES, only THEN you have done a roll.If you just Hold L1 and hold the Left anolog stick, you will just keep rolingand roling.That WILL NOT count as a roll. So just hold L1 and move the Left anolog stick ONES,to make it count as a roll.
Hope this helps! =)
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Skywolf5775 answered:

To get the frog emblem you need to to do 200 rolls forward.
To get Scarab emblem you need to do over 200 prone side rolls.
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Gummyber answered:

-Side Roll-

While prone, either with a gun equipped or unequipped, you can roll along the
ground. Hold L1 and then x. At that point, simply move left or right on the
Left Analog Stick to roll in that direction. Good for covering ground but still
remaining low.

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