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Corpse camo?

Hi all
does anyone know how to get the corpse camo?

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R0R0N0A-Z0R0 answered:

You can get it after you make more than 51 continues and finish the game then you will receive it.I know it is hard to do even if you did on purpose (BOOOORING) but there are many easy methods to get it without boredom.
-you can play the game on extreme,throwing your stealth skills out of the window and convert your mgs4 to medal of honour,by killing any person you see and you will find yourself dead before you saying "damn".
-Another way is to play on the difficulty you want,the way you want,till you reach the undergrond base in act 4(the area before vamp's fight) then in this area you will find two holes,just jump into one of them and continue to start from the beginning of the area and keep repeating till you reach the no of continues you want.
NOTE: after getting the corpse camo you will find it in the manual camo section not in disguise section (because I unlocked it then I didn't find it till a week passed)
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