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Chaff Grenades from Drebin?

Other than picking it up all the way at Shadow Moses, where can I find Chaff Grenades at? And why can't I buy Chaff Grenades from Drebin? Are these PS3 a scam or refurbrished ones? And click on the web page for more info --->

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Rejpal answered:

There is one more possible way how to get approx 10 chaff grenades - during the FROG fight in the Advent Palace equip chaff grenades and stick with Akiba. Whenever there is a firefight and Akiba is hiding he will throw you a box of ammo for a weapon you have equipped. So you can get a few boxes of ammo for any weapon you need.
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Ktimleck answered:

Nope, can't buy chaff from Drebin, they're meant to be scarce, as Acts 4-5 would be a cakewalk with an abundance of them.
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guimarin182 answered:

No,you cannot buy'em...but there's a few locations that have chaffs:/
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DaFront answered:

chaff grenades make act 4 shadow moses VERY easy so drebin wont sell it
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uziman477 answered:

You can't find chaffs anywhere except for Shadow Moses, and that's a scam of a website, they won't work.
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aaron_p20 answered:

On the last part of act 2, right before you run out of the area,go left into a little stand and there's some chaff there.
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FoxSolidTUS answered:

Chaff Grenades are available in South America at the Marketplace in front of the final Gekko that is blocking your escape to the chopper. You can't buy them from Drebin because Drebin does not stock them. Another trick to accumulating them besides Rejpals suggestion is to use the Bandana for a few playthroughs while you collect them, so as to not deplete your stock.
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