FAQ/Walkthrough by winnie the poop 2

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/19/08 | Printable Version

     Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patroits FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.0
     Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2008, hockeyfox (at) ameritech (dot) net

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     -Author’s Note

     -Act 1 – Liquid Sun
     -Act 2 – Solid Sun
     -Act 3 – Third Sun
     -Act 4 – Twin Suns
     -Act 5 – Old Sun

3. EXTRAS (upcoming)
     -iPod Songs
     -Rare Weapons



This FAQ is meant to be bare-boned and simple, easy for both average gamer and
 MGS expert to read and find whatever they want. No need for me to explain how
 the game or controls work, there’s the manual for that. I only put what I 
think any gamer wants to know: the walkthrough and the stuff that gives MGS 
its richness and replay value. 


*This walkthrough was written during a playing of the SOLID NORMAL difficulty.
However, the same rules apply for all difficulties. Do not get caught. The
enemy’s AI, vision range, hearing range, damage ratio, stamina, and number of
enemies all increase proportionally as the difficulty goes higher. There are 
less items lying around in Extreme than in Liquid Easy. Been the same way 
since MGS1, so nothing drastic here. Move on.

Get yourself accustomed to the handling of your items and weapons. Check out
the BRIEFING menu to learn some moves that Snake might have. And yes, you 
only have the pithy stun knife and a Ration right now. Just go left and crawl 
under the truck and pick your first weapon, AK102. Go to the menu and equip 

Go north until you see another cutscene.

After seeing the Gekko decimate the no-names, you will need to take some 
caution. The best path is to the left of your starting point, where there’s 
some debris blocking the road. Crawl under the debris to get a RATION and 
wait until the Gekko front of you goes away, and quickly get up and go to 
the end of the road while hugging the left wall. Go right and enter the left 
doorway. Beware of Gekkos jumping all over, left and right.

*FOR THOSE GUNNING FOR A NO-ALERT RUN: Getting seen by a Gekko here WILL NOT 
trigger an Alert mode, so no worries about this one. The only thing you 
should be worried about is getting injured. Technically, the game haven’t 
started yet.


War has changed. You have Octocamo now. Pressing against a wall (Triangle) or 
floor (hold X) will make your chameleon-like suit resemble the background.

Now, you only have a machine gun and a knife, so battling here is out of the 
question. Be stealthy like a ninja.

Turn the corner to find an open door on the right. Enter it and continue until
a cutscene is triggered. Now, CRAWL past the next doorspace and into the vent 
tunnel, and get COMPRESS. Look to the left for two soldiers battling it out. 
Wait until they retreats and continue crawling towards the next building and 
turn the corner again for another doorway. In this area, there’s a room with 
another COMPRESS and a dead soldier with some ammo. Pick them up, and crawl 
under the debris on the right.

After going through the hole in the debris, stay behind the crates and look 
for a soldier scavenging the nearby grounds. Wait until he’s in the hallway 
and go into the rooms to the right. Let him backtrack south again and look 
through the north door. There should be two soldiers scanning the street, 
going westward. When they’ve gone west of you, walk slowly to your northeast 
to find the passage to the next area.

You’re right next to a staircase. Go up. Do a roll to get across the gap 
upstairs (X while running). You see the soldier strolling just yonder. You 
have two choices – walk up to him softly and do a CQC (R1) and do whatever 
you want with him; OR hide behind the crates/corner and CQC/knife him when he 
doubles back (well, you could just go haywire with your beloved AK102).

After neutralizing the guard, crawl/crouch slowly to the north end of this 
floor, to where there’s a blasted hole in the wall. Go against it and press 
triangle to jump over it. Drop down and crawl on the right (to avoid getting 
seen by the guards, duh), all way to the end – there’s a RATION near the end 
wall for your pains. Look down at the street to see if it’s clear for you to 
drop down. Do so when it’s alright (a COMPRESS is in a corner right under the 
Ration). Again, be vigilant for the soldier pacing the adjacent street. When 
he has his back to you, go right (north) and enter the building on the right.

After meeting your newest buddy, MK. II, I’d suggest you to equip either your 
Operator or MK. 2 Pistol, which you just acquired from Otacon’s sidekick. I 
prefer the tranquilizer gun (MK 2 Pistol).

Go to the balustrade ahead, and you’ll see three soldiers on the street. 
Eliminate all of them as silently as you can. Get on the street. Down the 
street, if there’s some soldiers with their backs to you, shoot them down. 
Ignore whatever’s flying above you, they won’t give you too much trouble if 
you keep on the right side. While crouching, run to the hallway on the right 
side, opposite of the T-intersection. There should be some windows between 
you and the warzone (and a dead soldier or two flying toward you, heh). Get 
to the other end of the hallway. Eliminate whatever man is in your sight. 
While you’re at it, look at the other side of the street. There will be some 
men coming out of a stairway. Wait until three men have come out of it and 
head for that stairs.

Yes, it’s pretty dark in here. Whip out your Solid Eye and set it to Night 
Vision (L2+Square). Walk slowly to the next doorway and CQC/headshot the 
guard there. Continue on your path (a RATION is next to some crates at the 
bend). When you see an alcove on your left, GO into it (and get some AMMO) 
and STAY there. Keep an eye on the hallway. When three men has gone past, you 
may come out and search more. ANEST. 22 AMMO is at the dead end. Go into the 
chicken coop and pick up REGAINER and NOODLES. Get out of the coop.

Don’t be too excited and turn the next corner too quickly. Peer out just 
enough to see two soldiers having a council. Take ‘em both down with whatever 
your preferred gun is. In the room to your left is some .45 AMMO. There is a 
third man inside the next room. If you haven’t set off an alarm, he is 
talking to an injured soldier on the near wall to your immediate right. Get a 
clear shot as silently as you can. This room is a good time to pick up dead 
soldiers and shake them for some Rations or Ammo.

The following hallway has a man patrolling it, so crouch-sneak a bit and look 
down the hallway and snipe him down. Get the ANEST. and .45 AMMO from the 
left and right cul-de-sacs. The next room will have two soldiers talking. 
Easy for you, take them out with direct headshots. Ignore the wing and 
QUICKLY go up the short stairs and crawl under the bed to the left. Let the 
two soldiers go past you, and get up and go down the hall. Again, the next 
room also has two loquacious mates. After creating peace in this room, all 
that remains are two men in the next hall. You’ll only see one, but take him 
out anyway with your MK 2. Stay where you are and wait until the second man 
comes over to examine the sleeping body. Do him a favor and admit him with 
his buddy into the Neverland. Pick up the RPG-7 AMMO at the end of the hall. 
The next room is the last one, collect all of the AMMO and the RATION there 
and go up the stairs to the URBAN RUINS.

After meeting Drebin, you now can purchase guns or ammo from his Shop (in the 
Start menu). Drebin Points can be accumulated from acquiring leftover guns or 
succeeding achievements.

Pick up some AMMO, PLAYBOY and NOODLES from the hallway to your right. Go up 
the stairs for an AK102, its AMMO, and PETRO BOMBS. Look down, towards the 
direction of the stairs. You will see a small path right next of the stairs. 
Jump down to it and pick up the DOT SIGHT, a nifty addition to your arsenal – 
it can be attached to a gun to give it the laser sight. Also on the same path 
are a RPG-7 AMMO and S.G. MINES. Don’t forget them, and drop down and go back 
up the stairs to the top again. This time, drop into the room to the left. If 
done correctly, you’ll land on a platform with an actual RPG-7 GRENADE 

Finally we can move onwards.

Just navigate through the linear path of the ruins, picking up some AMMO and 
a RATION on the way. Don’t have to kill the two guards looking outward – 
ignore them and go up the debris to the left. To sidle a wall, press triangle 
and move in whatever direction you want to go. At the end, try to drop down 
to the right room for a PLAYBOY and a RATION. The left room yields nothing. 
Either way, continue until the ensuing cutscene with the DRUM CAN.

If you’re here to find how you get through this fairly lengthy part of the 
battle without getting seen once, you’ve come to the right part – because I 
have the way.

Eliminate two soldiers on the street right away. Stay on the right. At the 
intersection, there’s a soldier in white – shoot him over the automobile and 
go right. Go up the ladder behind the next building (before doing this, you 
might want to shoot down any remaining soldiers, if any, behind the sacks on 
the opposing side of the street).

On the building, get down on the portico and crouch-walk. There’s a Javelin 
missile launcher you could use there, but you don’t really need it. Keep 
crouched and side step to the opening in the wall with your gun out. Take out 
the guy behind some sand sacks in the middle of the street. As for the other 
soldiers, don’t worry about them. Drop down and crawl through the hole under 
the car to the right.

At the distance, there’s some rebel soldiers trying to advance the line. 
Don’t bother. Go to the first hallway to the left and jump over the crate. 
Go to the end of the hall and go right (second right), then the first left. 
You will be in the open street, but go along the right wall, past some 
columns. There will be an open window in the building to the left. Jump 
through it. 

TIP: there are some goodies in this building if you search up, such as a 
REGAINER and RATION. But you’ll have to tackle two soldiers in the 3rd floor –
and then a sniper outside the window of the same room. But you’ll get a nifty 
new weapon out of him: M14EBR, an automatic sniper rifle. Drop down via the 
platforms to the rear. But you don’t have to go up – you could just go 
through the first floor rear window. :)

After exiting the building, either through the rear window in 1st floor or 
from upstairs, keep on the right street. Snipe the two soldiers down the 
street quickly, before they head in your direction. There’s two more soldiers 
in that vicinity, but the only way to lure them out is to advance to the next 
T-intersection. Do just so and stay at the intersection, take out the guy 
that comes out of the alcove. The other guy will come to examine him. Take 
him out as well. Go to the same alcove and stay there until two soldiers pass 
you from the corner. Kill/tranq them if you like.

Go to the corner. Peer out. There should be a man at the next corner, firing. 
Stay at the corner and headshot him. There might be a soldier popping out of 
a blind spot, be prepared for it. Get on the other side of the small street 
and CRAWL past the car and the van.

Looking from the van, you will be witnessing a full-fledged battle, with 
bombs from helicopters and all. Stay by the van and snipe down the man on the 
second story of the sunlit building. CRAWL to the trench in front of you. 
Make sure you don’t come across the dead body there or you’ll automatically 
crouch up.

After crawling across the trench to the other side, where there’s an opening 
for you to go through, stay still and shoot down any soldiers that might come 
up in front of the building. There should be 5 to 7 men in all you have to 
neutralize. Then crawl along the building to the door.

There’s nobody here at the moment, so go ballistic and explore every nook and 
cranny for RATIONS, NOODLES, AMMO, REGAINERS, and whatever else. Having Night 
Vision on is recommended, because it will reveal the bombs lying around. To 
defuse them, crawl over them.

The way up to where you’re supposed to go: up the NE stairs (a bomb is 
blocking the way) to 3rd floor (again another mine), then take the other 
staircase to 4th floor. The door to the next cutscene is in the hallway past 
the counter – but you should take the time to go over the counter for a 

*IF YOU WANT THE FROGS TROPHY – do not kill a single FROGS soldier here – 
either utilize the MK. 2 Tranquilizer or do not shoot at all and let the RAT 
PT. 01 squad take over. You also are not to shoot any of FROGS clinging on a 
wall, because they will then fall down and pummel to death. If you’ve gone 
through the entire building with Meryl’s squad without a kill, you will find 
a FROGS STATUE waiting for you in the basement. It’s just left of you when 
you regain control after the final cutscene of the building.

*STRATEGY: This is important: STAY WITH MERYL AND RAT PT. 01. You won’t do 
any good by venturing out on your own or falling behind, battling the FROGS 
armed to the teeth alone. Just act as an auxiliary aid, shooting down the 
FROGS by your group. In Liquid Easy, you could not fire a single shot and the 
group would still be moving along nicely. In Extreme, you’d be very involved 
and the party would be very stagnant. How much you should help depends on the 

As you progress down the floors – keep yourself well-protected with obstacles 
and pay attention for any FROGS trying to flank you. In the eastern room of 
third floor, a FROGS will throw a grenade in the room, so let the group go in 
the room without you for a moment and wait for the grenade to explode, then 
go out and be a hero.

Second floor near the bathrooms, Akiba will be knocked unconscious by a blast. 
Crouch next to him (this is not mandatory) and tap triangle thrice to wake 
him up. If done quickly enough, he will thank you with two gifts: a RATION 
and AMMO.

Keep shooting. After a while, Akiba will finally be useful and turn the 
lasers in the hall off. Follow Meryl down the hole.

1st floor: FROGS will come out after a bulldozer breaks down the left wall. 
After taking care of them from behind the counter (be sure to be quick and 
take cover as usual), follow Meryl to the elevator at the rear.

Before going down the elevator, search the room for a REGAINER, AMMO and 
SMOKE GRENADES. Another cutscene follows when you go down.

Pick up three P90 guns here, and the FROGS STATUE if you’ve managed to sweep 
through the building without killing anybody. Go up the hole.

Another long street war. This time, you’ll be much more involved. The first 
soldiers you see are the PMCs – render all five harmless as fast as you can. 
Soon enough, a cutscene will show a rebel army escorting a tank in. They are 
your friends – you don’t have to shoot them, although you can, without 
penalty ;).

If all five soldiers front of you are all gone, go right and go through the 
opening in the wall. On the street, there are four enemies shooting at the 
tank. Stay in the passage and snipe them down (one is on the second floor of 
the opposing building). Climb up the stairs in the same passage.

Sidle the edge to the other side. Watch a rebel get gunned down, and pick up 
ANEST. 22 AMMO from a shaded corner to the right. Near the dead body, there 
is a great vantage point where you can shoot down soldiers without getting 
seen. Make sure you get the man in the building across the street. Wait until 
the tank moves on. Then drop down, get on the opposite side, to the van.

Peer around the corner by the van – you should be able to see two men hiding 
by a corner. Wait until they’re not looking and kill/tranq them.

Go on this way, the detour off the main road. There will be two pairs of 
enemies occupying the next corner by the main road and behind a pile of sand 
sacks. Take out the duo by the corner and crawl to the spot behind the sand 
sacks, under the corridor/portico. If there’s a lot of rebels still alive, 
the tank will be coming very soon and the enemies will retreat soon enough. 
If the rebels are wiped out, the tank will be slowing slowly, so you will 
have to shoot them out and quickly go around the corner and climb the ladder 
right there, but there’s a risk of getting caught by someone replacing the 

Regardless of what you do, go up the ladder (it should be short, only one 
story – if it’s longer than that, then you have the wrong ladder) on the left 
side of the street, near the end of the street. Follow the portico and drop 
down for one badass scene.

After that awesome massacre, I hope you have the presence of mind to collect 
the weapons and ammo from the victims lying on the street. Pick the bodies 
and shake them for some extra items if you like.

Go down the street to catch two men with their backs to you (were they 
rebels? oh, I don’t care, I want their ammo). There’s another man walking on 
the turn. After dispatching all three, go around the corner just enough to 
see a man standing watch near the gate to the left. Headshot him and get the 
man on the turret gun as well (can be tough from a distance – use first 
person view – triangle button).

Now you can go into the park, but don’t do so yet. Stand on the spot where 
the watchman guard was and wait until a soldier in the park passes you. You 
know what to do. There’s one more on the far right side. After making the 
area Snake-safe, search the wood pile on the right for a RATION. To the left, 
there’s a path to a locker room for a RATION. Inside one of the lockers is a 
box of ANEST. AMMO.

As for the next area of the park, take the man on the tower before entering. 
To get a good look of the area without going in, get on a crate and look over 
the wall. How you navigate the park is up to you. You can hide behind crates, 
wood piles, or even under the trucks, where there are often items to pick up.

Where you want to go is behind the left tent. Go through the red door to end 
your first Act.


You start off at the top of a little knoll, where there is an excellent 
vantage point for the area before you. On the open space a little to the 
right, there are several soldiers holding up rebel forces. Turn your Solid 
Eye on – to distinguish the rebels from the enemies, they have a green 
(sometimes blue) mark next to their names. Red marks = enemies. Right now, 
the rebels are lying down in a file with their hands behind their heads. 
Tranq every enemy you see, and the others in the area will converge, allowing 
you to clear the area.

directly behind the rebels – the one closest to you when you start. The rebels 
should have unlocked it, enter it to find SOUTH AMERICAN REBEL DISGUISE/CAMO, 
NOODLES, MUNA (a rare plant), TWIN BARREL SHOTGUN (!), and AMMO. Awesome 

There are various items scattered around the village and inside the houses, 
like C4, PENTAMEZIN, SVD (upstairs of NW house, the third of three houses in 
a row – roll across the gap to get to it), PETRO BOMBS, and of course, AMMO.

After sucking the life out of the first area, follow the east path and take 
the right and lower one. You’ll be in the river area with a graduated hill to 
the left. There are some soldiers guarding the hill, you can snipe them 
incognito from the river (any rebels you freed will also help you, but they 
tend to get into a gunfight, so beware). Make sure you use your Solid Eye 
(NV is better) to distinguish the rebels from the soldiers.

To scale the hill, you can use your NV to see footprints of former soldiers 
and follow it up. You’ll have to drop down once to take a detour around an 
obstacle. A packet of STUN GRENADES is next to little shack.

After the CODEC conversation with Roy and his new wife, follow the rebels 
and the path north.

There are three enemies patrolling the little rocky hill ahead – you can 
either let the rebels take over, or just shoot them down (quicker) with your 
Tranq gun and NV. Then there’s one more soldier to eliminate by the house 
around the right corner. Pick up the item there. One more is standing on the 
right fork. Continue on to get to the next area.

OK, here will be where the rebel forces clash with whomever they so ardently 
abhor. Get out to the open field, and look up on the right cliff. There’re 
two snipers waiting to pick on you. Take them out. Then you have to take down 
a mass of soldiers protecting the power station. My preferred location of 
shooting is on the right, behind a log and between two boulders. Close enough, 
but not too close.

There will be a LOT of enemies coming – they seem to respawn infinitely 
unless you go into the house somehow. My method is crawling to the right, 
hugging the cliff and taking down every soldier I see near the station. I 
keep going until I’m past the house in the rear, and I head for the back door 
(do not go behind the brick wall), tranqing the soldier there. Then the 
rebels will advance and infiltrate the station. Inside that house are a 

*FOR A PSS (silenced pistol) AND FIM-92A (portable missile launcher): Go to 
through the house to find a staircase to the power tower. Climb it up and 
flip over the edge (either one with a wire attached, connecting it to another 
tower) and shimmy the wire to the next tower. Collect the items: RIFLE SCOPE, 
PSS, NOODLES, PENTMEZIN (roll from a crate to get it), and FIM-92A on the 
central platform. Hop over the crates to get back.

Head for the tank behind the walls encumbering the station to meet Drebin 
once again.

After the scene with Drebin, follow the rebels through the left path to find 
a haven with a lot of items to pick, chief among them a XMG MACHINE GUN, a 
JAVELIN, and a PSS PISTOL. At the other end of the path, there’s a fork with 
both ways leading to the Confinement Facility.

OK, you have two choices: left or right. Both lead to a different confinement 
facility. Both eventually leads to the same destination, but each has a 
different weapon cached somewhere. The left facility has a VSS SNIPER RIFLE 
in a shack, and the right facility has a M870 CUSTOM in a small house at the 
NW corner (use the map). There are also plenty of AMMO scattered here and 
there. Either way, hug the canyon walls and anticipate for any guards pacing 
the trenches. The facilities also hold a lot of soldiers, so it’s a risk 
going in there. You can just bypass them and crawl/crouch around them to the 

Also notable here is the quality of the guns that the soldiers drop. Don’t 
neglect to pick them up to expand your arsenal and accrue Drebin points.

Follow the red line in the map to get to the Vista Mansion.

Rebels are starting to raid the mansion. You only need to get through the 
place unscathed.

Peer around the corner, headshot any men on the upper platform that might 
interfere with your eventual run to the right. A soldier will come through 
the lower path from the right. Wait for him to appear and kill/tranq him, and 
go through that path crouched until a cutscene. Thus far, you shouldn’t be 
seen at all, and I intend to keep that way for you the rest of the way. 

After the cutscene with the bulldozer, just wait a moment until the bulldozer 
charges through the gate, and every enemy in the vicinity will be dead. Pick 
up any guns lying around, and head for the broken-in gate.

There are some items around you could pick up, but nothing worth it.

At the gate, the way to go is to the immediate right. Sneak around the tents 
and head for the NE corner (there’s a SAILOR IPOD MUSIC behind a boxcar – you 
have to sidle through the tiny opening to get it, near the NE corner).

Once you’re at the NE corner, hug the northern wall and go toward the mansion. 
At the stairs, look around if there’s any soldiers nearby, and wait they’re 
gone or take them out yourself. Once the path is clear, head to the mansion 
door (NE corner, facing north). 

MANSION: Go through the rooms (get a PENTAMEZIN from a couch) until you find 
a staircase going up. Don’t go up just yet, enter the adjoining room (with a 
PLAYBOY on a couch) and wait on by wall right of the door. Eventually, a 
soldier will come down from upstairs and barge through that door. Let him 
pass unawares and go upstairs. Pick up RATION, PLAYBOY, and .45 AMMO from the 
first room. Go to the next door, and viola! You’re outside, upstairs. The 
enemies should be already dead from the bullets of your lovable rebels. Pick 
up two boxes of AMMO and drop down through the hole in the rear. 

You’re now in a mine shaft... Get the items (RATION and AMMO) from the only 
room and go up the ladder.

After a long chat with Naomi, you will have to fight some FROGS in the 
mansion. The best way to do it is just hide under a bed and wait until they 
pass and shoot their legs out. Alternatively, use the Solid Eye to know their 
comparative locations and sneak up to them with a M4 or the best machine gun 
you have. On Solid Normal, a total of eight FROGS will come after you, two by 

Finally, a boss battle. I’m sure you’ve been waiting a while for this. The 
weapon of choice is any machine gun (or anti-mat rifle, if you’re on a re-run, 
but why are you here if you’ve already beaten the game once?). M4 isn’t the 
best out there, but if it’s all you’ve got, it’ll do for this fight.

The fight is basically a hide & seek game, in the crowded confines of the 
house. Stay behind walls or crates when Octopus is firing her gun at you, and 
pop back out to counter with your assault rifle. Use your Solid Eye (again, 
NV is very effective here) to track her.

Octopus will be hiding all over the place, sometimes going in and out of the 
windows, so keep your eye peeled on the screen and the Solid Eye map. 
Sometimes she will latch on the ceiling, ready to pounce on you. Night Vision 
will reveal her to you very easily, so always have that equipped.

Occasionally, she will conceal herself with camouflage and make herself 
resemble an object in the house. The best way to dig her out is with NV.

The possible locations of Octopus’ dissimulations:
   -A box in the northeastern room
   -Feigning to be a dead FROGS (its name will be “L. OCTOPUS”)
   -An electric switchbox in the middle room
   -The Christ-like figure in the picture in the hallway
   -Against a cranny in the wall

When you find her with your NV, take your time and find her head and shoot 
her face in for maximum damage. Hide behind an obstacle if she tries to fire 
back and fire back when you can.

When her HP is about 1/3, she will become more aggressive and head for you 
instead of hiding as a box somewhere. Be prepared and dodge her attacks 

Her attacks:

1. Machine Gun: Most common attack. If she sees you and remains standing up, 
it’s most likely she’s going to fire some bullets at you. Be prepared to 
shift into and out of her sight – stay behind an obstacle wait until she 
stops firing at you, and pop back and fire back.

2. Tentacle Whip: No it’s not some deviant hentai game. She will at times 
lash one of her tentacles at you. All the most reason to just stay behind an 
obstacle when she sees you, and only stay in her sight when you’re firing at 
her. Good damage.

3. Rolling ball: She will curl into a ball and roll at a high speed at you. 
When you see her curl up, quickly go to an elevated platform (a bed) and wait 
there. She will bump into the bed and stop. Pull out your gun and fire at her 
when she gets back up.

4. Red bombs: She will throw three red flying bombs (reminds me of bees of 
The Pain in MGS3) that will orbit you and explode. You can either shoot them 
before they reach you or roll to avoid their explosions.

5. Tentacle Hold: If you happen to wander below her while she’s on the 
ceiling, she will grab you with a tentacle and choke you. Shake L3 to break 
free. But it’ll do massive damage.

6. Fake MK. 2: Once, you will see a large version of MK. II “trying to help 
you.” It’s a decoy. Just shoot it fro afar and it will explode, and Octopus 
will reveal herself from a window.

6. Inkscreen: Not really an attack – like an octopus, when attacked, she will 
emit a shroud of ink to obscure your view. Don’t worry, most of the time, it 
means she’s running away from you, not attacking you. Just retreat to 
somewhere clearer and keep looking for her.

After you’ve weaned her health/stamina down to zero, you will face her next 
form: The Laughing Beauty.

LAUGHING BEAUTY: All you got to do is shoot her (she will shift a lot, but 
keep shooting) with your MK. II and stay away from her, and you’ll get her 
Face Camo (must tranq her to death for this). You could also use Stun 
Grenades – she can’t evade their blast radius.

Fun fact: All of the Beauties will break windows with their noise as they 
walk by them. Also, if you let the Beauty walk around for three minutes, the 
background will change into white and they will pose for your camera!

***FOR THE OCTOPUS STATUE: If you’re gunning for the Solar Gun and want the 
statue, you have to kill the BEAST (first form) non-lethally – either with 
MK. II, Mosin Nagant, V-Ring Shotgun Rounds, or Stun Grenades. Then you can 
find the Statue during the second form, on a bed in the middle.

Now you have to find Naomi by tracking the footsteps in the trail using Night 
Vision. Her footprints are pointer than others, so look for that. Eventually, 
her footprints will disappear – instead, look for heavier footprints, i.e., 
darker prints.

For now, get the RATION from the right dead end. At the first open area, 
there are three paths – go up the middle to catch a soldier pissing, headshot 
him from behind, and get the FORE GRIP B and AMMO. Backtrack and take the 
west path, the one with multiple footprints.

Across the bridge, there will be a soldier patrolling the intersection. Take 
him out. The left path is a dead end with a NOODLES (but beware of the a 
Claymore there, crawl to defuse and collect it). The middle is another dead 
end with a soldier inside a shack (STUN GRENADE, PSS, and PLAYBOY). So take 
the right path. 

The right path leads to another open area, forked with three more paths. But 
don’t get too excited and go to the open – there’s a sniper lying up on a 
hill. Turn your NV on to see him, make him taste his own medicine. The pointy 
feet go up the middle, but you can go left for a RATION and then right for a 
shack guarded by two soldiers (one sleeping inside) with ANEST. 22 AMMO and 
RPG-7 behind the shack. If you’re going up that path and continue on, there 
will be another guy waiting for you behind some crates, but you can just see 
his face just enough for a headshot but not for him to see you.

After going through the middle path (or right, they converge), you will 
stumble upon a riverbank. Just walk across it.

Now, the pointy footprints disappear – look for the brighter, heavier 
footprints instead, as if the man was carrying someone else. That’s right – 
go left and follow the darker footprints. The right path will only give you 
some trouble – two soldiers waiting to surprise attack you (with a SMOKE 
GRENADE your only prize). You could go to the left path and go around to the 
right to find their backs to you.

Regardless... now you have another three paths to scavenge. The pointy feet 
are back, this time going up the middle path, so go up there if you’re in a 
hurry. Left path: a soldier and a RATION, might be worth it because the same 
soldier might hear you going through the middle and attack you. Right path 
leads to a trap, a recording of Naomi calling for help in a hovel. Be mindful 
of the soldier on the ledge nearby. If you shoot the cassette player, you’ll 
stop the bawling! There’s a pack of SMOKE GRENADES, REGAINER, and S.G. MINES 
in the same area. Go back and up the middle path if you haven’t yet. Chop, 

As you’re going up the middle path, make sure you turn your Solid Eye off 
and crouch-walk slowly, because there’ll be two soldiers in the other side of 
the rock wall expecting you to come through the left path. Sneak past them.

Another expanse – see the soldier doing a bad job hiding behind a tree? Yeah, 
vanquish him. There’s a claymore right next to him, so crawl through it if 
you like. The left path has a trap door (NV to see it clearly) and RATION and 
NOODLES. The middle and right paths lead to the same places, so it doesn’t 
matter. I recommend the right path, as it will lead to an easier 
configuration of soldiers and a path to RPG-7 and AMMO (right path of 
three-way fork).

Keep going west until you reach an encircled road with a path down to the 
mines. That’s your destination. There’s a PSS outside behind the last 
boulder, but you have to deal with a soldier there.

Descend into the mines.

Atop Drebin’s vehicle, you have the option to use the machine gun turret 
(triangle) and shoot down the Power Suits, Gekkos and enemies. Just go nuts 
with it and CQC anybody that climbs onto the vehicle. Shooting at barrels 
will help as well.

At the end, you will have to blast open the two green gatedoors with Drebin’s 
turret. It’s not required to shoot at it yourself, because the gates will 
explode by themselves if left long enough, but it will be easier on your 
health and time if you do it manually.

*IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT NO KILLS RUN: Killing the Power Suits does count as 
kills, so don’t shoot at them (unless you have V-Ring ammo), so don’t shoot 
at them or the foot soldiers at all if you want your kills count to stay at 
zero. Gekkos are fine because they’re not human. 

Here’s how I do it: go left, under the overhangs (there’s a 5.7 AMMO at the 
end) and go to the alley right next to it at the end. Follow the alley 
around, ignoring the screaming mass of people, and HUG the corners when you 
turn them, because a Gekko will come at the second corner, but won’t notice/
hurt you at all if you hug the corner.

When you get back to the street, take an immediate left and go into a small 
alcove with an M72A3 ROCKET LAUNCHER snug up there. Then quickly get out on 
the street and run left, to the end of the road. There will be a Gekko 
blocking the way, but just roll past him and a cutscene will be triggered.

*NOTE: There is a RARE box of CHAFF GRENADES on the last stall to the left, 
pick it up – it will prove to be invaluable in Act 4, especially in No Alert 


The mission right now is to track a Resistance member to their base. This 
portion of the Act will be quite lengthy and perhaps tedious for some, but if 
done flawlessly, you will get out of here in minus 15 minutes without any 

Go across the street to find your man to track. Don’t lose him – stay behind 
him, but not too close that he’ll hear your footsteps. If you actually lose 
him, don’t panic – stay where you are and hide in some doorway and he should 
eventually come back. Your job is to protect the Resistance member from the 
guards by putting to sleep the soldiers who happen to be in the way.

*NOTE: If you lose a resistance member and find another one somewhere else, 
the paths will be somewhat different, but their paths will be the same from 
where they enter the park. You can find a new resistance member by utilizing 
the Signal Int. item and looking at the map for the lighted area for his 

In this sector, there will be two soldiers you’ll have to take care of – 
they can be shot at from the first stairs to the left when you start trailing 
the rebel. Or, you can just shoot at them when you see them on the street. 
The first one can be shot from the second corner you turn and the second 
soldier, near the park entrance, can be shot from behind the truck. Follow 
the resistance into the park.

Once you’re in the park, follow him up to the fountain and stop right there. 
Go a bit northeast, still away from the member’s earshot and sight, and find 
two soldiers near the NE exit. Make them sing zzz. The resistance will take 
his time to piss on some trash bin. Let him approach the sleeping soldiers 
and discover their disability. Follow him out of the park. (If he either sees 
you or gets busted by the soldiers as you shoot them down, he’ll run away, 
but stay near the hedges, he’ll come back shortly).

After trailing him for a while, you’ll enter a new area.

The man you’re looking for is to the left, behind the van. When you follow 
him to a new street, there will be some soldiers on the other side, but you 
don’t have to bother with them – they’ll be oblivious of you and the 
resistance member. The helicopter won’t see you either. Just duplicate the 
rebel’s path (hug the wall) and pick up the RATION by the lamppost while 
you’re at it.

Shortly afterwards, there’ll be two soldiers below a bridge. The resistance 
member will try to sidle behind them, but I just shot them down. I think it’s 
possible for him to pass and you to crawl across the bridge without them 
ever knowing you two were there the whole time. Makes for nice suspense. 
Another new area is next.

The resistance member will go into a little courtyard – don’t follow him 
there. Instead, just go across the little alley and stand under an arch. 
It’ll trigger the member to emerge from the yard, clad in a soldier’s garb. 
Yes, you’ll have to follow him while he mingle among “fellow” comrades. 
Inside the courtyard he was just in are two RATIONS and a COMPRESS. Follow 
the pseudo-soldier back to the streets.

Take out two soldiers to the northeast. Doesn’t matter if they won’t notice 
the rebel, they’ll still notice you.

Then the rebel will join three soldiers as they advance through an alley. To 
distinguish the rebel from regular soldiers, turn your Solid Eye. The rebel
will have a blue mark next to its health bar; the soldiers red. Almost there 

If you’ve still got your Signal Int. equipped, as you’re following the rebel 
around a building’s rear street (RATION and GRENADE), you’ll hear that the 
policemen has begun searching with vehicles. So that means there’ll be a car 
passing in a place near you.

Be careful – when the rebel goes around the very next corner after heading 
north, there will be a patrol car coming, so stay at the same corner and 
peer until you see the car and dart back to the alley you just came from. 
When the vehicle has passed, go back to the rebel and hide in a doorway 
when he reaches a wall. (NOTE: if you see another car coming, just put 
yourself flat on a wall.)

After doffing his fake clothes, the rebel will head to his base.

You get infinite ammo here, so use any single-handed weapon you have 
(Twin-Barreled Shotgun is good, if you have it), or the machine gun you have 
at the start of the chase. MK II is good for the No-Kill run, although I’d 
HIGHLY recommend you to get the Solar Gun before going for a Big Boss Emblem 
run – this is near impossible to survive on the Extreme difficulty without 

On Solid Normal (any difficulty, really, if you use Rations), this shouldn’t 
be too tough. If things get hairy, you can use Stun Grenades to temporarily 
disable Hummers with turrets on them, and shoot ‘em up.

The ravens can be killed easily with a machine gun, just fire wildly. They 
won’t count towards your kill count, as they’re unmanned. Look for men 
jumping on the van as well.

*NOTE for Big Boss hunters: use Stun/Smoke grenades and MK. II/V-Ring with 
Twin Barrel Shotguns for the first two parts, and then Solar Gun for the 
final one, because you can’t recharge it here, it’s too dark. Twin-Barreled 
Shotgun works pretty good for the two Hummers that block your path. 

After crashing at the end... you face a new boss...

Very straightforward. Head up to the top floor (might want to collect some 
RATIONS and AMMO on the floors on the way up – one is right next to the base 
of the staircase). The corner between the stairs and the top door will be 
your safe haven. You will return here when Raging Raven disappears and drops 
bombs on the tower – you will be safe here.

The key is to use the Solid Eye Radar and look for a big blip – that’s Raging 
Raven. Take out the weapon of your choice (a powerful machine gun like PKM, 
HK21E, M60E4, a sniper rifle if you have one, or even a regular machine gun 
like MK 17 will do).

When you locate her on the radar, go outside and find her. She might be 
flying low... try to track her down and shoot her. When you’ve gotten her 
attention, she’ll remain stationary in the air and shoot you with her assault 
rifle. Hide/crouch behind a barrier. Sometimes she will yell out “Rage!” 
and throw a missile at you. When she says the word, just sidestep left or 
right to dodge the attack. Just empty the magazines at her, when she has the 
wings open (when they’re closed, don’t bother). If you’re using a sniper 
rifle, you should always hit her head for max damage.

If her blip on the radar disappears, it’s your cue to go into the tower and 
stay there while it sustains heavy bombings from Ravens squad. Then repeat
what you’ve been doing.

TIP: On your second run, just use a fully-charged Rail Gun shot, it works 

Again, after you’ve defeated her, there’ll be a Beauty form. The RAVEN 
STATUE, which appears only if you defeated her non-lethally (V-Ring or Mosin 
Nagant), will be on the top floor.


I won’t tell you to do anything. Just have fun – what you do here will not 
impact your stats or results in any way. Just fool around.

The visibility can get very low in this blizzard. When you can’t see for 
shit, use Night Vision. There are three pairs of AMMO in this area. Head 
north through the only path.

Take the right/upper path. With your Night Vision, you should be able to see 
a Gekko patrolling the area. Fortunately, that’s the only thing giving you 
trouble. For now. Crawl up to the tree on the hill and wait for the Gekko to 
go south of you and jump down and run to the north exit.

Total nostalgia here. The most important thing here to pick up is the CHAFF 
GRENADES right smack-dab on the helipad itself. There are nothing sniffing 
around, so don’t worry too much about getting caught, just keep away from the 
hangar door. There’s a RATION on the east side, on the snow, and another one 
on the south side, near the elevator. The doors on the west side lead to 
three rooms with RPG-7 AMMO, RATION, COMPRESS, and some GRENADES. There’s 
another ration on a crate, in the NW corner, but you’ll have to get to the 
second floor (stairs: NE corner) and drop down to it. A MK. 23 PISTOL is 
under the north tank. ANEST. 22 AMMO is on the second floor catwalk, west 

The hangar is infested with Scarabs, little black buggers. The best way to 
get around it is to go upstairs and crawl through the vent there all of the 
way to the end. 

I believe that is a bad case of misspelling by Konami. Anyway – after going 
through the second floor vent, drop down and go to the end of the catwalk, 
just to the left. Throw a Chaff grenade and quickly drop down and run through 
the open hangar door to the northeast.

It’s entirely possible that you just crawl/crouch through the front hangar 
door from the Heliport and navigate the place by reading the Scarab’s 
patterns. Risky, but possible, by going to the right side. Might want to try 
this if you don’t want to waste a Chaff Grenade. 

There are tons of items here and two Gekkos here. At Normal difficulty, the 
Gekkos are sleeping, so you can just crawl through the entire canyon and get 
absolutely no trouble. On Extreme, they’re awake, but you can hug the left 
side and crawl by them.

There’s a track of IPOD MUSIC – FLOWING DESTINY (from Zone of Enders) inside 
a cove on the left side, near the steel bars.

Crawl under the next hangar door.

A RATION is on the pathway on the left. Crawl under yet another half-closed 
hangar door to find yourself in the actual storage building. Otacon will tell 
you to go to the north door. First, climb into the truck and check behind the 
crate to find a FIM-92A PORTABLE SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILE. Go to the door and 
Otacon finds out why he’s not Snake – the door’s locked, you have to go down 
to B2F. That’s just Kojima’s excuse to get you back there just for nostalgia.

Sweep the area for some AMMO and go upstairs to the elevator. Press the 
button for B2F.

Go right to find a hallway with M72A3, CLAYMORE, RATION, and AMMO. Now go 
back to the central hallway and follow the linear path to the place where 
you once fought Frank Jaeger (hell, the blood’s still on the halls!).

On the following scene, you will have a chance to input in the password that 
Otacon just told you. You don’t have to get it right, actually. If you get it 
right, Snake’ll just say he’s not senile yet. However, there are secret 
passwords that yield various rewards. Here are the known ones:

14893 (Drebin’s CODEC): 100000 Drebin Points
12893 : 20% off everything in Drebin’s store
78925 : IPOD MUSIC – OLD L.A. 2040 (from POLICENAUTS)

After the scenes, pick up AMMO and a RATION from around the room.

Go back through the halls, but when you reach the offices, a Gekko will drop 
down from B1F. Quickly hide behind a wall and wait until the Gekko turns down 
the central hall, and target his legs with a Tranq gun or a powerful machine 
gun, and shoot his head off when he falls down. PAY ATTENTION HERE: you HAVE 
to shoot at the back of his head or he won’t take any damage.

On your repeat runs, you can just blow him into smithereens with your Rail 

Go back up to 1F.

Go to the hangar door and MK. III will open it door. But wait.. of course 
they won’t let you go this easy. A Gekko will come out of the elevator.

Go under the Gekko and the catwalk and wait until he jumps down. Then Tranq 
its legs and do your business. Alternatively, throw an empty magazine front 
of it and it will attract the Gekko’s attention. Keep throwing the magazine 
every 10-15 seconds until the MK. III completes its sacred duty. Or Rail Gun.

Collect the AMMO at the end of the walkway and get the GRENADES near the ramp. 
Go through the door on the left side to get a RATION, AMMO and the SVD SNIPER 
RIFLE. This sniper rifle will be very, very important shortly. You’ll find 
out soon. Drop down to the snowfield.

Remember Sniper Wolf? In my opinion, this one is much longer, if not harder. 
Like its predecessor here on the snowfield in MGS1, you will be sniping it 
out with her. Only that she won’t be vulernable to bullets the entire time – 
you have to wait until she emerges from her little lupine machine before you 
can hit her.

While you’re looking for her (or waiting for her), there will be a ton of 
FROGS middling here. You’ll have to shoot them down as well, either with Tranq 
rounds or regular bullets. As usual, use the Night Vision to see in the 
blowing blizzard. 

There are two exceptional spots you can wait/shoot from:

1) under the truck at the beginning. Perfect cover, Wolf can hardly hurt 
you – BUT it will take Wolf forever to find you (you can lure her attention 
by shooting at the machine when you finally see it with your Night Vision – 
her mark is blue). Wolf will then storm around the truck, possibly damaging 
you some, and then retreat to the woods front of you to snipe you. Now’s the 
chance for you to hit her some with your SVD/Mosin Nagant. Don’t blow it. 
It’ll be a while before it happens again. Meanwhile, keep the FROGS at bay. 
Converse your Night Vision battery. She also might pop up on the southwestern 
corner; you can see her from under the truck. As usual, she’ll be the big 
blip on your radar.

2) There’s two communication towers in the middle of the field. You can 
shoot your way up the northern tower, where it’s higher, but it’s difficult 
to get up there undetected. You will have more opportunities to find Wolf 
there. Just be prepared to get in firefights with the FROGS. While you’re up 
there, lay down and look around to avoid getting seen. Track the Wolf with 
your radar.

Another Beauty fight follows your victory. The WOLF STATUE (defeat her non-
lethally – Mosin Nagant) is behind you, near the northern exit, when you 
regain control for the Beauty fight.

After the Beauty fight, go into the building front of you and pick up a 
REGAINER from the NE corner and go down the stairs (Otacon will play a joke 
on you, familiar to MGS1 players).

Scarab galore. Get the STUN GRENADE and the RATION from the adjoining 
walkways. Now, your target is the elevator on the NW corner. It’s very 
possible to get there without notice by the Scarabs. However, you’ll miss 
out on all of those items lying around – but they’re nothing big – RATIONS, 
NOODLES, AMMO, the usual lot.

To get through here, sidle along the edge along the western wall. Then 
quietly walk to the top of the stairs. Look around you. If there are no 
Scarabs below you, quickly drop down over the railing and do it one more 
time to the NW corner, where the elevator is. Press the button and go down 
to B5F. 

Alternatively, if you get into a tussle with the Scarabs, just throw a Chaff 

Don’t even think about shooting at them – doing so will send forth hordes 
and swarms of them all around the room for you to deal with.

In the first part, wait until the Gekko goes away to the right and sprint to 
the second part.

The second part will be tough, but it can be navigated with a Chaff Grenade. 
If you’re willing to use one up, just throw one in the middle and run to the 
NE exit.

Without a Chaff Grenade, just stay to the left and make sure the Gekko in 
the middle isn’t looking and hide behind a box to block a Scarab scanning 
from the side of a case of three missiles. When the Scarab is looking the 
other way, sprint to the left side of the case. You should be able to see a 
group of three Scarabs surveying its surroundings. Study its pattern and 
sneak past them, get upwards and behind the case/barrels in the NW corner 
(if you’re in the right place, there should be a RATION there).

Behind the case/box/whatever in the NW, look toward the middle of the room 
for a Gekko. Wait until it’s going away from you and get on the middle 
platform and go for the NE exit. Ta-da!

After picking up some AMMO, crawl through the hole. Two scarabs patrol this 
area. One is mobile, and this is the one you should worry about. Keep your 
distance from it, but follow it. When it’ve crossed the bridge and gone to 
the left, quickly go over the bridge and right and up the stairs and get 
RPG-7 AMMO, FIM-92A, and NOODLES. The moving Scarab will come near the 
stairs but not up it. Let it scan and wait until I’ve gone back across the 
bridge and time your escape with the other Scarab above the exit.

Pick up the .508MA and go through the door....


Not difficult. Shoot him with your most powerful machine gun or tranquilizer, 
grenades, whatever.

He will jump around and attack you with a lunging strike (Take this!), 
throwing knives, some punching combos. The key here is just keep moving and 
shoot when he’s pouncing around on debris. When he’s on the floor, trying to 
land a punch on you, just move around, roll away from him.

When his health or stamina reaches zero, it’s all over. Nah, he’s Vamp – 
you saw him with Raiden. He can’t go down that easy. But now that you’ve 
‘killed’ him once, you can inject the secret poison into him: the Syringe. 
Equip the Syringe, CQC hold him and press triangle to finish him off.

Shoot the Rail Gun (make sure it’s fully loaded before you shoot it) to the 
Gekko’s heads to kill them in one shot. If one of them gets close to REX, 
it’ll start blinking a red light – kill it before it self-destructs, taking 
you with it. If you run out of Rails, buy some from Drebin. Try not to look 
at the Vamp-Raiden fight too much (it’s actually nothing special, compared to 
what you’ve seen in Act 2). Try to pick up the FIM-92A to the left too.

Surreal being on a Rex, isn’t it? Wait until you get out of this tunnel. You 
have three weapons: Gatling Gun (it overheats if you use it too long, so tap 
it to prevent it from overheating), Laser (it is what it sounds like), and 
Missiles (powerful but limited). Just keep moving and shoot down the Gekkos as 
they come. It’s very possible to get killed here, even on Normal, so make sure 
your shots count. Most of the damage come from crashing into live Gekkos and 
debris falling on you, so walk sober and kill Gekkos early and fast.

The battle of colossi. Use the missiles first, they’ll lock on Ray and lock 
him down. While he’s down, send more flying. It will knock a good chunk of 
its HP. I don’t like the Laser myself, it’s impractical to wait for it to 
charge up, but if you like it better... Use the gatling gun, and if Ray gets 
close to you, press triangle to physically attack him. 

Keep moving to avoid his water cutter attack. While he’s doing the water 
cutter, use your Gatling Gun to attack his mouth for moderate damage.

Missiles, Lasers, then Gatling Gun+Triangle Attacks, in that order.


First things first. 50% off at Drebin’s. Whatever weapons you have will be 
carried over to your next playthrough, so take advantage of the sale now.

There are multiple ways to get to the other side. One is by being a commando 
and fly through the deck screaming. I much prefer being stealthy. Here’s my 
way (there are more ways, you’re free to experiment).

Equip your Face Octocamo and a silenced weapon.

Go left and disable the two FROGS that come flying down. Go up to where they 
were and wait for two more to come down. Send them flying up to God. Again, 
sneak to the next crates near a ladder, about where the previous FROGS landed 
on. Stay behind the two crates. A FROG will jump down at the intersection 
just ahead. Let him/her/hir walk to the right. At the same time, a FROG will 
appear at the far end of the same passage. He will signal his buddy to come 
forth, shoot both of them down from the crates. The lone FROG that you 
ignored is still right of you, take him out if he’s still there. If not, 
don’t worry about it.

After 6~7 FROGS, you’re in a good shape. Keep going north and left and wall 
press against a wall to fit through a small space. After that, be careful of 
Gekkos in the middle of the boat. They can detect you running between 
obstacles if you’re not careful enough. After the wall press, wait there. Two 
FROGS will descend. They’re the last two. Headshot them. Be mindful of the 
Gekkos as you go to the NW corner of the ship.

Keep yourself hidden behind the room in the NW, from the Gekkos. One will 
fall down, wait until he’s either destroyed from missiles (from Missouri) or 
out of the way. When the way to the door in the middle is clear, head for it 
and tap triangle to turn the wheel. After you’ve opened it, enter and take 
the items and go down the elevator.

Right out of the elevator, there are three boxes of AMMO on the sides of the 
foyer. Go through the door.

First, you have to face a dozen of FROGS. Go to the sides of the room and 
pick the FROGS out one by one with your assault or sniper rifles. There are 
FROGS on the catwalks above, too. By now, Act 5, you should be able to take 
care of them.

Right off the bat, you see strings attached to you from above. To free 
yourself from them (no, the controller switch trick you did for Psycho Mantis 
won’t work), use the nanomachines’ killer: the Syringe. Yep, stick it in your 
neck. Then you will be able to attack the zombies and the Mantis herself. Use 
the Syringe on Meryl to get rid of Mantis’ control over her.

You can either focus on the soldiers to minimize possible conflicts, but you 
can just focus on the Mantis from now on. The target is not Mantis herself, 
but the dolls by her sides. Use your rifles or shotgun (shotgun works best, if 
you can get medium-range or close to her) to hit the dolls several times. 
Mantis will regain control over Meryl, but keep hitting the dolls if you’re 
on a roll. You may Syringize Meryl again if needed. 

The Mantis will rely on his zombie soldiers to dish her most damage, so try 
to tranq/kill them if they become too much for you.

Mantis’ attacks:

-Red shurikens – she will throw four of them at a time, just move forward to 
make them miss.

-Slash – she will teleport towards you and try to rip you to pieces. Probably 
her most powerful attack.

After a few hits on Mantis’ dolls, she will use the soldiers and Meryl to 
shield the dolls. You can manage a shot past them, or just tranq them to 
render them ineffective.

Hitting a doll five times each will cause it to drop onto the floor. Pick it 
up ASAP, before Mantis gets it back. Continue your onslaught on the other 
doll to get it as well.

When you have both dolls, equip the Mantis Doll. Press L1 to target the doll, 
R1 to fire at Mantis. Once you’ve scored control over Mantis (keep your 
finger pressed on L1!), shake your Sixaxis controller to put her out of her 

You’ve just defeated the Beast form of Screaming Mantis. It’s also the only 
way to defeat her, lethally or non-lethally. It is considered non-lethal, so 
regardless of what you do, there will be a MANTIS STATUE near the entrance 
from where you came in.

Just go up. Just roll through the Scarabs. If you’re doing a No-Alert run, 
those Scarabs will not give you an Alert, so no worries right there.

At the microwave, spam Triangle as fast as you can. My method is rubbing my 
knuckles over the button, so that every time I sweep my hand over it, it 
presses the button three or four times. Did it the same way since MGS1. Hell, 
why are you reading this. It’s not rocket science, guys. Just play the game.


There are three phases. All of them play the same. To advance to each phase 
of the fight, a special move has to be done, such as punch done by both men 
at the same time, or by choking him.

But all you really need to do is use X to dodge or shift away, and R1 to 
punch or use CQC moves. If you do it near a post, Snake will smash his 
rival’s head in and do some nifty moves. You’ll have to press buttons to 
execute a combo or to counter any attacks from the nemesis.

So, press X and up/down/back to shift around him to evade his punches and to 
get a clear attack on him. Spam R1 to do a combo and some CQC holds. Dash 
punching is effective, too (Forward+X+R1), but it doesn’t seem to work on a 
“smarter” Ocelot in the third phase.

As for the fourth phase, just spam R1 and you’ve won the game. Congrats, 
old-timer. Enjoy the ending like everybody else did. Just don’t take it 


coming up in a day or two, feel free to email me any tips on any aspect of 
the game.


Version 1.0: Walkthrough completed. Extras need to be done. (6/19/08)

Copyright by Martin Dale-Hench, 2008.