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                                " Ghosts Guide "

                               Written By BIackWaltz

              This document is copyright (c) 2008 By BIackWaltz
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| Table Of Contents                                                [CNTS]   |

1. Introduction........................................................[1.00]
2. The Basics..........................................................[2.00]
3. The Ghosts..........................................................[3.00]
       Tank Hanger.....................................................[3.02]
       Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F.................................[3.04]
       Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2.................................[3.05]
       Snow Field......................................................[3.06]
       Casting Facility................................................[3.07]
       Underground Base................................................[3.08]
       Underground Supply Tunnel.......................................[3.09]
4. Afterwards..........................................................[4.00]
5. F.A.Q...............................................................[5.00]
6. Credits.............................................................[6.00]

| Introduction                                                     [1.00]   |

Hidden through out Shadow Moses are 30 ghosts that can be captured with your
digital camera. This guide will show how to find every last one. As a warning
to those who are scared of spoilers for even equipment, there is an item
obtained in Act 5 that will make the ghost hunt easier and I will be using it
so its best to avoid this guide if you dont even want to know what that is.
With that being said it is best to do the ghost hunt when replaying the game.

| The Basics                                                       [2.00]   |

What you will need:
- Digital Camera
- The Sorrow Doll (optional)

The Digital Camera will be needed to capture the ghosts. Normally the ghosts
can not be seen until the picture is taken but that is where the Sorrow Doll
comes in to play. The Sorrow Doll will let you see the ghost before you take
a picture. It must be your currently equipped weapon to work though.
The photos will be saved in your photo album which is viewable from the Main

Happy Hunting!

| The Ghosts                                                       [3.00]   |

______________________________/      HeliPort      \________________________
                               Number Of Ghosts: 5

01 Nishimura             \__________________________________________________

Location: HeliPort Landing Pad
Description: A man with glasses looking to the side.

- On the HeliPort landing pad look above the chaff grenades with your
camera. The ghost floats there.

02 Muraoka               \__________________________________________________

Location: Cargo Elevator
Description: A man looking straight at you.

- Face the cargo elevator south of the HeliPort landing pad. It is the same
one you came up from in Metal Gear Solid 1. To the left of it is the face of
the ghost. Zoom in a bit if your having trouble seeing it.

03 Artic WarFare Troop   \___________________________________________________
Location: First Hanger, Heliport
Description: A Artic Warfare Troop from MGS1 standing.

- On the West side of the Heliport there are three hangers. Enter the south
most hanger. Inside on your left are two crates and a Compress near them. The
ghost is between the crates and the compress.

04 Shigeno               \__________________________________________________

Location: Surveillance Camera, East Stairs
Description: A man looking to the side grinning.

- North East of the HeliPort landing pad there is some stairs. At the base of
the steps is a surveillance camera. Look around it to see the face of the

05 Tanaka                \___________________________________________________

Location: West Vent
Description: A man looking right at you.

- Head over to the west of the main door and find the vent. Above you will
find the ghost.

TOTAL: 5/30

______________________________/     Tank Hanger    \_________________________
                               Number Of Ghosts: 4

06 Master Miller         \___________________________________________________
Location: Fork in West Vent
Description: Master Miller's face from MGS1, artwork

- Enter the west vent outside at the Heliport. You will reach a fork that
will go left and right. Take either path then turn around and look at the
fork. The ghost is there.

07 Light Infantry Soldier\___________________________________________________

Location: Beside the tank in the Hanger.
Description: The artwork of the Light Infantry Genome Soldier from MGS1. He
is holding a radio.

- When you enter the Hanger look on the left side of the tank. The Ghost will
be standing there.

08 Decoy Octopus         \___________________________________________________
Location: Elevator, top left
Description: The face of Decoy Octopus from MGS1

- There is an elevator in the Northwest of the Hanger on the first floor.
Look at the top left of the elevator door near the light. The ghost floats

09 DARPA Chief           \___________________________________________________

Location: Tank Hanger door
Description: DARPA cheif from MGS1, is looking directly at you.

- In the North East of the hanger is a half closed hanger door that you will
have to crouch under to get in. Once in the passageway with all the Scarabs,
immediately turn around and look up and to your left in the corner.

TOTAL: 9/30

______________________________/       Canyon       \_________________________
                               Number Of Ghosts: 3

10 Kobayashi             \___________________________________________________

Location: Second rock on your left
Description: A man looking at you with dark eyes. One pupil appear bright.

- Upon entering the canyon there will be three rock formations around you.
One to the east and two to the west. Head up to the second rock on your left.
Situate yourself a little on the northside of the rock and look above it.

11 Korekado              \___________________________________________________

Location: To the right of the door leading to the Nuclear Storage Building
Description: A bearded man looking right at you.

- Head over to the door leading out of the canyon to the Nuclear Storage
building. To your right is a structure with a tank and a bunch of pipes.
There are some pipes you can crawl under to get to a Ration. Look above

12 Vulcan Raven          \___________________________________________________

Location: To the left of the door leading to the Nuclear Storage Building
Description: Face of raven from MGS1, a bald man.

- Head over to the door leading out of the canyon to the Nuclear Storage
building. West of the door is some ammo on the ground. The ghost is just
about four steps further left. Look at the mountain side to see him. He can
be a little hard to see so you might wanna hug the wall from the door and keep
moving with your camera out until you see him as he is easier to see without
the mountain behind him.

TOTAL: 12/30

______________________________/  Nuclear Warhead   \_________________________
                                 Storage BLDG 1F
                               Number Of Ghosts: 3

13 Makimura              \___________________________________________________

Location: Window looking into the Storage Building
Description: A wide eyed man with his jaw hanging open.

- When you first enter here from the Canyon there will be a catwalk on
the west side leading all the way to the end of the room where there is a
window and a control panel. The ghost is in the window. If you can't see him
back up a bit and zoom in with your camera. If your too close to the glass
you will not see him.

14 NBC Warfare Troop     \___________________________________________________

Location: Beside second missile
Description: A NBC Warfare Troop from MGS1, he wears a gas mask.

- Crawl under the door to enter the main area of the buidling. On the west
side of the room there are two giant missiles. The ghost can be found standing
beside the tip of the west most missile.

TOTAL: 14/30

______________________________/  Nuclear Warhead   \__________________________
                                 Storage BLDG B2
                               Number Of Ghosts: 5

15 Matsuhana             \____________________________________________________

Location: Bloody Hallway, corner
Description: A man with his eyes and mouth open. Scary looking.

- When you enter the bloody hallway you will hear a flashback of Grey Fox
killing the soldiers. The hallway is "L" shaped and the ghost can be found at
the inner corner of it. Look for him when you turn.

16 Hideo Kojima          \____________________________________________________

Location: Otacon's Office, Policenauts Poster
Description: A man with glasses and his eyes are looking to side

- On the north side of the office there is a "Policenauts" poster above the
terminal where you entered the password. Look a little above the poster and to
the left to see it.

17 AT President Baker    \____________________________________________________

Location: Wall at the North west corner
Description: Baker's face from MGS1, a bald man.

- On the west side of the office there are a bunch of super computers lined
up agaisnt the wall. Theres a part of the wall with three posters and a
Compress on the floor. The ghost can be found floating around the posters.

18 Takabe                \____________________________________________________

Location: Corner of center cubicle.
Description: The face of a man looking at you, two bright pupils.

- In the middle of Otacon's Office there is a cubicle-like structure. The
ghost can be found in the south west corner of it.

19 Shimizu               \____________________________________________________

Location: Hole where Gekko fell through
Description: A long haired girl, hair is blocking some of her face between
her eyes.

- On your way back from Otacon's office a Gekko will break through the roof.
Look up into that hole when you have disptached him.

TOTAL: 19/30

______________________________/     Snow Field     \_________________________
                               Number Of Ghosts: 4

20 Sato                  \___________________________________________________

Location: Crashed Hind-D
Description: A man covering his mouth with his hands.

- In the north east corner of the Snow Field area you will find the wreckage
of the Hind-D Liquid flew in MGS1. The ghost is at the wreckage.

21 Shinkawa              \___________________________________________________

Location: Com Tower A, West Side
Description: A man with a slight smile and hair about eyes length

- Go to the West side of the southern most Communications Tower in the Snow
Field. Face the side of the tower and you will see that part of the tower
sticks outwards from the rest of it. Look up a bit and to the right of that
to see the face of the ghost.

22 Nakamura              \___________________________________________________

Location: Snow Filled Passage
Description: Bearded man with a hat in between two other characters.

- Where you first entered the Snow Field you can see two sets of railing
making a passageway towards the first comm tower. This where you first faced
against Sniper Wolf in MGS1. At the south end of this the railing makes sort
of a rectangle. Look around there for the ghost.
23 Sniper Wolf           \___________________________________________________

Location: Hanger to the right of the one leading to the Casting Facility
Description: Sniper Wolf's face, girl with long hair.

- At the north end of the snowfield there are a bunch of small hangers. One
of these you must travel through to get farther. Wolf's ghost is on the door
of the locked hanger to the east of the one you can enter.

TOTAL: 23/30

______________________________/  Casting Facility  \_________________________
                               Number Of Ghosts: 2

24 Hirano                \___________________________________________________

Location: Casting Facility South
Description: A man biting his thumb.

- In the dead center of the room there is a mechanism. It is hard to describe
but the mechanism consists of two identical curved pieces beside each other
heading up to the roof. On your map it looks like a square with a side

25 Sasaki                \___________________________________________________

Location: Casting Facility North
Description: Face of a moustached man.

- In the middle of the northern part of the Casting Facility is a sort of
conveyor belt. In the middle there is a part of it you can crawl under. Look
at it from it's southern end to find the ghost.

TOTAL: 25/30

______________________________/  Underground Base  \_________________________
                               Number Of Ghosts: 2

26 Kaneda                \___________________________________________________

Location: Top of the stairs
Description: A woman raisng her hands.

- When you first enter the Underground base you will go down a small set of
stairs. After descending them turn around and look back at the stairs.

27 Negishi               \___________________________________________________

Location: Waterfall
Description: A black haired, forwning man with bright pupils.

- It's in the second room of the underground base. On the west side of the
room there is a waterfall. Look at where the water starts to spill over.

TOTAL: 27/30

______________________________/ Underground Supply \_________________________
                               Number Of Ghosts: 3

28 Kimura                \___________________________________________________

Location: Behind Rex at the side of the head.
Description: A woman with one arm raised, torso is visible.

- Run behind Metal Gear Rex and look up to the side of it's head. It'll be on
the left. Make sure you have some distance from Vamp.

29 Grey Fox              \___________________________________________________

Location: Under Rex's right foot
Description: The face of the cyborg Ninja, Grey Fox

- Stand in front of Rex and look under it's right foot (that's your left).
The ghost is there.

30 Liquid Snake          \___________________________________________________

Location: In Rex's Cockpit
Description: The face of Liquid Snake, long hair

- Stand in front of Rex and look into the open cock pit. The last ghost is

TOTAL: 30/30!
You captured every ghost.

| Check List                                                       [4.00]   |

[HeliPort]                           [Snow Field]
-------------------------_           -------------------------_
Nishimura               |_|          Sato                    |_|
Muraoka                 |_|          Shinkawa                |_|
Artic Warfare Troop     |_|          Nakamura                |_|
Shigeno                 |_|          Sniper Wolf             |_|
Tanaka                  |_|

[Tank Hanger]                        [Casting Facility]
-------------------------_           -------------------------_
Master Miller           |_|          Hirano                  |_|
Light Infantry Soldier  |_|          Sasaki                  |_|
Decoy Octopus           |_|
Darpa Chief             |_|

[Canyon]                             [Underground Base]
-------------------------_           -------------------------_
Kobayashi               |_|          Kaneda                  |_|
Korekado                |_|          Negishi                 |_|
Vulcan Raven            |_|

[Nuclear Storage BLDG 1F]            [Supply Tunnel]
-------------------------_           -------------------------_
Makimura                |_|          Kimura                  |_|
NBC Warfare Troop       |_|          Grey Fox                |_|
                                     Liquid Snake            |_|
[Nuclear Storage BLDG B2]
Matsuhana               |_|
Hideo Kojima            |_|
AT President Baker      |_|
Takabe                  |_|
Shimizu                 |_|

| Afterwards                                                       [5.00]   |

After you have taken a picture of all thirty ghosts you may them in your
photo album available from the main menu.

Exorcism: Upon viewing any one of the ghostly photos you will see an option
to exorcise the ghosts. Clicking this will remove the ghost from the picture.
So far from what I can tell this does nothing. I took two pictures of each
ghost. I kept one for my album and exorcised the other. After all 3o were
exorcised i received nothing.

So far the ghosts jsut appear to be a neat little easter egg and for
collectors/perfectionist sake.

| F.A.Q                                                            [6.00]   |

[Q] What do I need to capture a ghost?
[A] All you need is the Digital Camera.

[Q] Where can I find the digital camera?
[A] The digital Camera can be found onboard the Nomad with the MK II or III
during the mission 1,2,3 or 4 breifing. Grab it on Act 4's briefing for some
bonus pictures.

[Q] I heard there is an item that wil lelt me see the ghosts before I take a
picture. What is it and where can i get it?
[A] The item is The Sorrow Doll and it is received by shooting it off of
Screaming Mantis in Act 5 and picking it up. You must have it and the
camera equipped to see the ghost before you snap a picture.

[Q] How many ghosts are there in total?
[A] There are 30 ghosts scattered throughout Act 4.

[Q] Is there a reward?
[A] So far no reward is known. Personally I think it's nice to just have all
30 in my photo album.

| Credits                                                          [7.00]   |
Started: 7/5/08
Finished: 7/18/08

Written By: BIackWaltz

Developer's Names Source: Delta0126