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Asked: 4 years ago

I read that error code 8001002B was a dirty disk read, so why does it show up when I try to copy something onto my psp?

I keep getting this error code whenever I try to copy the virtual comic, batman road to arkham onto my psp. What's up?

Additional details - 4 years ago

There was no disk in the PS3. I was trying to copy a digital comic I had downloaded off of the Playstation store on to my PSP.

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Its a disk read error, which can be caused by a dirty disk. It could also be caused by a corrupt disk.

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Well this isn't an answer to the question. Its the same question. Downloaded a couple games from the playstation store onto my ps3. Trying to copy them to psp. The psp has the transfer bar going back and forth like its copying it and then it stops. The ps3 says error code 8001002B. Really sucks when you buy the games just to have them on the psp and it won't copy them... Please help somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well here we go! Thought about it and took it this way. Didn't know if you could just download straight to the psp or what. And you sure can! Downloading Twisted Metal 2 right now! It's taking a lot longer obviously but hey, at least its working. I know its not a total solution to the ultimate problem of the error and you have to download the content twice. But for me I'm just happy that I didn't just throw money away on downloading something to a device where I probably won't play it much at all! Hope this helps you out.

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