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Asked: 5 years ago

Why do certain games constantly freeze on my ps3?? HELP!!

I've been having some problems with some games lately. VERY ANNOYING PROBLEMS. Only a couple of my games freeze alot and all the others work just fine. I don't know what's going on or how to fix it. i thought maybe there's just some dust in the disc slot or the fan (i even used a vacume tool to suck out any would be dust i may have missed)

btw the games that are freezing are Oblivion and Farcry. It seems to me that only games with an "open world" are the problem. It's weird because for example, in Oblivion, i can play some extent. I can load my game and i can run around wherever i am, but when i go through a door, save, fast travel, etc it freezes (apparently only when the game autosaves or has to load when you go to an area). Like i said all my other games work fine. Is my ps3 dying?


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Oblivion is a very crash prone game any way so turn off the Auto Saves as they corrupt very easily. As for Far Cry I can't help as I don't own it.

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Me either
but i don't own that gems u'd play
it is freeze when i play
midnite club,uncharted 2,infamous
n the problem is same as yours

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