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How can enable my hdmi connection since when i turn on my system and select 'yes, i want to output video and audio with hdmi' the screen turns black for more than 30 secs and i have to restart the ps3????

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My tv is hd

Additional details - 5 years ago

That was diagnosis. Any ways to solve it plz?

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From: itwizz 5 years ago

If the HDMI cable has gone bad then you can replace it but if it's a resolution problem you're going to have to dig out your TV's manual and check which resolutions are supported and do a manual configuration for those resolutions.

If all else fails try restoring your PS3 to its default settings but if even that fails then you could be looking at sending it to Sony for repair.

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What you are doing is the way to "enable" a HDMI connection.

If you are not getting a picture on your display, you are either on the wrong channel/source, or your display does not support HDCP.

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Eoin has hit the nail on the head though I would like add that it could be that the HDMI Cable has gone bad or you've selected a resolution that your TV Doesn't support.

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