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How to completely clear the ps3?

I'm going to sell my 40 gig PS3 to a friend and buy a 60 gig. I have a bunch of game saves and frequently used PSN, the internet, etc. My friend wants the PS3 like new. A completely cleared hard drive, internet (search, history, and settings), and everything else. How would I go about doing this? Please and Thanks!

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Ratchet12345 answered:

You have to format the HDD - go to Settings, System Settings, Format Utility, Format Hard Disk, Yes. If you want to back up your HDD first so you can put all the stuff that was on the old one on to the new one, plug a USB Flashdrive in to the PS3, then go Settings, System Settings, Backup Utility, Backup (you might have to delete some stuff so it will all fit on the flashdrive)
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