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Can i play ps1 games on a ps3?

Also i am going to buy a ps3 and i was wondering i have a bunch of ps1 and ps2 games and my ps2 is going bad so i was going to get a new one what vershen do i get pleas dont abreviate.

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DirtbagX answered:

also, all models of the PS3 can play PS1 games, but only a few models can play PS2 games. If you want one that can play PS2 games you need to get the old fat 20gig/60gig/80gig models.
ps. there are two versions of the 80gig PS3, one can play PS2 games, one can't. The one that can play PS2 games has 4 USB ports and a set of card readers.
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DirtbagX answered:

Yes the PS3 can play PS1 games
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