Question from mocht

How long is the ideal time to play ps3?

Is it too long that i play
my ps till bout 4 hours a day?
i wonder what is the ideal
play time
to avoid game freeze
during play time

mocht provided additional details:

Me either
But i just play bout 4 hours a day
Why is it freeze?


Alezzx73 answered:

Well for me i have a ps3 fat not the slim and i love gaming so i play for a while but i tryed to play as long as possible and i lasted on fallout 3 for about 8 hours and then it froze but then i heard about someone that played for about 12 hours so about 8 to 12 hours.Hope that helped
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syaoranoni54326 answered:

It is ideal to play a ps3 for extended lengths of time provided you take hour breaks every hour of gameplay.
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MADeliseclutch answered:

I read once on the maual book for a game and it says every hour take 15-20min rest because eyes are importanat than ps3 lol. i think 4 hrs is enough.
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