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Nat type 3 to 2?

Ok so here is my problem. I have a PS3 connected via ethernet cable to a PC, which connects to the internet with a Cricket broadband wireless network card. I am able to get connectivity with the PS3 and run COD MW2 decently. And when I say decently I get disconnect 2 out of 5 games and have a NAT type 3/strict, and connecting a headset is out of the question with this setup as of right now. My question is. Is there anyway that I could somehow set up my computer networking prefaces to enable a type 2/open NAT on my PS3?

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Yeah that site is not gonna help.

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Port forwarding is the answer (

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In that case your screwed and will have to put up with the inconvenience of disconnects.

All you can do is buy yourself a router and configure it that way or try doing a Google search for "internet connection sharing with a PS3".

You may as well close this as I don't think anyone can help you except yourself.

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Also try looking here:

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If u r able tp play online games sometimes then u just have to go to network sttings>iinternet connection test..............den u will see that the test is going on and when u see nat type 2 or 3 on the screen then cancel the operation and satrt playing game,,:D

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