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Why can't i get my guitar or drums to work on Rock Band?

Just bought Rock Band special edition for PS3 yesterday and now tryin to play it and can't get it to pick up the guitar or the drums, just the mic. I have them all hooked in to the USB and the guitar and drums are on but won't work on the game. They will work just on the console to config them but not recognized in the game. What do I need to do?

rahmed51387 asked for clarification:

Is it Rock Band 1 or 2 SE you have purchased? Have you tried after starting the game (when you get at least to the main menu) to disconnect and reconnect?

For all wireless instruments, I assume you have synced the USB dongles to the system. Just to be sure, on the bottom of the guitar(s), under the PS button (where you would normally plug in an amp cable on a real electric guitar) there is a small button that needs to be held. This will get the instrument to start looking for the dongle. For wireless drums, this is a small gray button located under the D-pad on the front (towards your chest if you were sitting in front of it) panel.


itwizz answered:

As above.
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