Question from romanian_kid

Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 trophy?

If i use cheats to unlock the things you unlock in Road to Wrestlemania will i still get the trophy called

romanian_kid provided additional details:

"Nothing more to collect" which is the trophy that you get when you unlock everything.


itwizz answered:

You'll have better luck in the Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 forum as this is a specific issue with your game and not the system.
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FourUp2358 answered:

Yes you CAN use the cheats, however not everything in the RTWM has a code to'll have to play most of them. Yes when You unlock all there is in the RTWM you'll get the "NOTHING MORE TO COLLECT" Trophy.
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Chaulky135 answered:

No. If you use ceat code's you will not likely get the RTWM trophy, but if you do use em, you will get the "Nothing more to collect trophy."
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warlord_Kratos answered:

You can unlock some of the unlockables but still you will not get the trophies for the ones you unlocked
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