Question from zenko1

PS3 hard disk upgrade ?

I want to upgrade but my question is wen i remove the old hard disk do i turn the system off or replace it while it working, and if while its off how the new one will work and i hv a new hard drive that no contain ps3 system files ????


Oxymandias answered:

I upgraded from a 60gig to a 320gig drive about 2 years ago. Firstly the PS3 does not store OS files on the disk (its just your data media, saves, etc.) that is on the disk drive. I recommend that you do a youtube search for the disk upgrade as you will find this a lot more detailed. In short you backup your PS3 to a external USB storage device. Then turn off the PS3 take out the drive, remove the caddy and install the caddy on the new drive and then install the new drive. I would recommend that you get a good set of micro drivers as the screws can be tight and thus if you don't have the correct size screwdrivers you'll take the face off the screws.
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