Question from Jkidd17

Why does my ps3 keep shutting off and blinking red?

My ps3 is actin up

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sora56789 answered:

it might be overheated. just make sure it i not closed up in a tight space like a drawer and make sure there isnt dust clogging up all the vents. If thats not the problem then you might want to call sony and get a replacement ps3
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sharpshout answered:

its over heating unless you see a yellow light that is YoLD
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OreoVII answered:

Feel your PS3. Does it feel hot?

If not, then it's the YLoD: Yellow Light of Death. It's been happening A LOT recently...
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Metaknight500 answered:

Make sure that your PS3 is not put in a tight space or in direct sunlight where it overheats. Put in an open space, and make sure that it isn't in sunlight. Otherwise, YLoD.
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