Question from kevindcosta

Does a Ps3 console get spoilt if i play it all the time?

I buy original games from the store & i never use old,Used,Borrowed or fake Game dvds to play.So my question is if i play too much on the console will it spoil the laser that reads the disc?


Coldmace answered:

No. But if, like me, you play a real lot (20+ hours a week, say) and you also watch a lot of DVDs/BDVDs, then you should consider buying a seperate BluRay player, as this will save quite a lot of wear and tear on your console. BluRay players are very cheap nowadays, so it makes sense. Also, be sure your new BluRay player is REGION-FREE; you'll thank yourself later.

Another thing (not laser related): If you often play for many hours at one session, then you should fit your PS3 with an external fan -- the things are so cheap they're practically giving them away. I've got a launch model console, which I use heavily, and it's still going strong.
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