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Asked: 6 years ago

How can i change HDMI setting to component without being able to see XMB menu?

Alright, so my dad sent me his PS3 he had in the states set up to his HDMI tv and he plans to send me an HDMI TV in about a month but, since the setting is on HDMI I cant use it on my component tv so i need to change it to component. I want to know how many times i have to press certain buttons till get to settings menu go down to video settings and switch from HDMI to either component or S-video.

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Just hold down the power button for like five seconds i think it should beep twice then it should reset the visual settings.

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It should be noted that the PS3 needs to be off when you do this.

Turn the PS3 off, then hold down the power button basically until you see it change on the TV!

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