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Asked: 4 years ago

PLEASE HELP!!!Why is my PS3 zoomed in so much?

I have an hdmi chord plugged up and everything, and I just turned on my PS3 this morning and the screen looks ugly and zoomed in.Normaly it looks clear and zoomed out.But today Its so zoomed in that I cant even see the entire "Whats new"bar on the righthand corner I tried going to the settings to adjust it to 1080p, but the PS3 claimed that I was already in 1080P. I then tried to change the settings on my TV, but none of it really seemed to help...PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Check your television's settings to see if it was accidentally set in a different picture mode like "stretch" or zoom" or something. Most televisions have a few different picture size options to help fit the picture to the screen for standard and high defenition sources.

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