Playstation 3 Eye Camera features?

  1. I have been trying to figure out to use the eye camera to record videos or take snapshots with it. Can anyone tell me how to? Feel free to explain any other features of it and how to use them too.

    User Info: AnimeKid1089

    AnimeKid1089 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Okay... now, how do I use the PSP to turn the Eye Camera into a security camera?

    User Info: AnimeKid1089

    AnimeKid1089 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Go to the Playstation Store and download EyeCreate, its a free Playstation Eye software that lets you capture video. You can also sync your PSP up with it and use your Eye as a security camera when you're not home.

    User Info: KsCountry

    KsCountry - 5 years ago 0 0

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