Question from glenwii

Best ps3 to buy?

Hey i was wondering whats the best ps3 to buy:
320gb slim
500gb slim
or others???? thanks

glenwii provided additional details:

Thank you for the help. I got the smaller one withplans to upgrade the harddrive.

Accepted Answer

ZaxxWarStar answered:

well if you want to play ps2 games on it also then get the very first one, but if you just want to play ps3 then id suggest the 500gb slim(personally because i download more or less 100gb every year and use the expansions on all the games)
if you use the extras that you can download from the internet on your games and you have a LOT! of games then get the 500gb but the 300gb is most likely more than you'd need anyway.
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Anticitizen97 answered:

Well id go with the 500 gig one. Unless the 320 is cheaper, Cuz you realy wouldnt need 500 gigs. Out of those two, go with the cheaper one.
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