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(How can I Download and save games to an external Hard drive?)

ok..... this is very irritating and I need some major help....... I have an 80 gb ps3 and I am out of space...... so I buy a external hard drive especially designed for the ps3 on 99 dollars later and I had my 500gb EHD but I ran into a problom. I could only save music, video, and pics on it... not games.... and before anyone answers, Yes, I looked it up on line did the whole fa32 thing and still nothing..... please, if some one could help me, I need a step by step on how I can get this friggn thing to work....

kentomusashi provided additional details:

I would also like to learn how to play from the external hard drive aswell.....


Eoin answered:

You cannot play games from an external storage device such as a hard drive.

If you want to solve your space issues, buy an internal drive, not an external one.
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