Question from jasonv8

Asked: 2 years ago

My ps3 turns on but nothing happen?

I have my hdmi and av cables plugged into one tv and when I turn ps3 on nothing happens not even the music so i unplugged everything except the tv and moved my ps3 to another tv with the av cable and the problem still remains

Additional details - 2 years ago

And my ps3 is the orginal version and i do see the green light when it turns on and the red light when its off

Additional details - 2 years ago

It did help out but only with the av cables if i try the hdmi cable i get nothing when it powers up

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Av cable? why do you need that? anyways, turn off your ps3, then turn it back on, but this time hold your finger on the power button (for like 5 seconds) and it will reset your video settings to 480p. Then once you can see whats happening just go to video settings and change it to HDMI. Hope that helps.

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